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Quanjude net profit growth of three years minimum first brigade airborne executives cooked duck is not easy to be fresh out of the Beijing Roast Duck, yellow red color, the smell of oil overflowing, often makes people inviting. However, as the bank’s corporate logo – Quanjude, the latest semi annual report is not necessarily so to attract investors appetite. Quanjude first half earnings results show that the first half of 2016, the company achieved operating income of 874 million yuan, down 2.10%; a total profit of 98 million 70 thousand and 200 yuan, an increase of 5.43%; net profit attributable to owners of the parent company was 70 million 666 thousand and 900 yuan, an increase of 3.20%; basic earnings per share of 0.2291 yuan, an increase of 3.20%; 3 million 577 thousand and 600 guests passengers, an increase of 4.84%. At first glance, in addition to a slight decline in operating income, other financial indicators seem to have a steady growth trend. But in fact, an increase of 3.2% net profit growth for the company in recent years, the lowest in nearly three years. And in 2016 1-6 month, Quanjude financial expenses reached 3 million 452 thousand yuan high, compared to the same period in 92.51%. The company explained that this is the new shop this year, more investment, reduce the long-term deposit of high interest principal, and deposit rates fell, the company reduced interest income. However, the newly opened shop in the local market also does not bring much benefit to quanjude. At the same time, although the Quanjude want to keep pace with the current "Internet plus" trend, open network platform business on the road, but more like to cook a pot of cooked plain white rice". In addition, before Quanjude executives resigned frequently also attracted a lot of attention, anecdotal speculation behind such a big change, and hide what kind of strategic deployment. The local market continued frustration now Quanjude is facing outside chain continuous losses. According to Quanjude 2015 annual report shows that in 2015 Beijing all outlets turnover accounted for only 14% of the total turnover of the group, and in addition to Beijing region has a revenue and operating profit reached more than 10%, Chongqing, Zhengzhou, Hefei, Nanjing, Hangzhou branch in the state even years of losses. Look at the latest news in 2016, although Nanjing and Shanghai, compared to the same period last year have greatly improved, the operating income growth rate reached 258.94% and 81.59% respectively, but the operating income is not high, the two plus the total revenue is less than 110 in Beijing. On the current situation, the field expansion difficult or that this "Quanjude China Roasted Duck first name card" difficult to get national recognition. Consumers had to reflect, even in the Beijing camp, Quanjude shop Roasted Duck different taste is slightly different, in the field of Roasted Duck authentic or not is more difficult to guarantee. "The same taste of the same brand is the norm that all chain brands need to follow." China Medicinal Research Association Jiao Mingyao said, "KFC and other fast-food chain Western-style food because the standard ratio of ingredients and unified equipment, based on the highly industrialized and has more advantages in products of unity. The process of making Chinese food is more complicated;相关的主题文章: