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Public security reminder: 6 WeChat red do not touch the source: People’s daily white-collar Ms. Huo has recently been friends pulled into a WeChat group, although many people in the group are not real, not sure who, but see a red envelopes, Ms. Huo used to "grab", open after find 500 yuan vouchers. Overjoyed that she follow the instructions on the podium site enter their identity cards, mobile phone number, WeChat account and other personal information, the website asked Ms. Huo to scan a two-dimensional code. Unexpectedly, after a few minutes, Ms. Huo received a bank transfer SMS, SMS showed that her 10 thousand yuan cash cash was transferred away. In this regard, the public security reminder: some counterfeit criminals grab red malicious links, often invade WeChat, QQ and the circle of friends and other platforms, we must be careful, to prevent personal information and property losses. Don’t touch these 6 kinds of red packets! Don’t touch the red envelope that needs personal information. Receive a red envelope when asked to enter the payee information, such as name, mobile phone number, bank card number, this is likely to be fraudulent; demolition red password fraud. If there is a business or a friend sent a red WeChat, apart when they lose the password, it would have to be vigilant, because it is likely to be false red; grab envelopes and friends need to be cautious. There are many friends circle with friends to grab red packets activities, require a certain amount, which is likely to be a trap to attract fans. High red envelopes are unreliable. The limit of a single WeChat red packet is 200 yuan, so if received "888" and so on big red packets, basically can be sure is false. Beware of "AA red envelope" scam. Such red packets tend to make a slight change to the WeChat AA collection interface, plus "send money", "cash package" and other words, so that users mistakenly believe that is in the lead red packets. Sharing links to grab red packets is fraud. See the circle of friends to share the red packets, click the link to pay attention to the first, but also to share the case of friends, this red packets suspected of inducing sharing and fraud users. (reporter Zhang Cong)

公安提醒:6类微信红包千万别碰   来源: 人民日报   白领霍女士最近被朋友拉进了一个微信群,虽然群里很多人都没有实名,也不确定是谁,但看到有人发红包,霍女士就习惯性地“抢”了,打开后发现中了500元代金券。   喜出望外的她按照指示在领奖网站中输入了自己的身份证、手机号、微信账户等个人信息后,网站要求霍女士扫描一个二维码。没想到,扫完后没过几分钟,霍女士就收到一条银行转账短信,短信显示,她卡里的1万元现金被转走了。   对此,公安提醒:一些伪造“抢红包”恶意链接的不法分子,往往会侵入微信、QQ及朋友圈等平台,大家须务必小心,以防个人信息与财产遭受损失。以下这6类红包,千万别碰!   需要个人信息的红包不要碰。领取红包时要求输入收款人的信息,比如姓名、手机号、银行卡号这种很可能是诈骗;   拆红包输入密码有诈。如果有商家或者朋友发来一个微信红包,拆开时却要输密码,那就要警惕了,因为这很可能是假红包;   与好友共抢的红包需谨慎。朋友圈有不少跟好友一起抢红包的活动,要求达到一定金额,这很可能只是一种吸引粉丝的骗局。   高额红包不可信。单个微信红包的限额是200元,因此如果收到“888”之类的大红包,基本上可以确定就是假的。   警惕“AA红包”骗局。此类红包往往对微信AA收款界面进行略微改动,加上“送钱”“现金礼包”等字样,让用户误以为是在领红包。   分享链接抢红包是欺诈。看到朋友圈分享的红包,点开链接要求先加关注,还得分享给朋友的情况,这种红包涉嫌诱导分享和欺诈用户。(本报记者 张 璁)相关的主题文章: