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Computers-and-Technology As the scientists well observed, man is the only being which destroys the environment he lives in. Why? You might ask yourselves. The answer to this varies: they do not care, the lack of education, the lack of culture, the lack of conscience, all those things make man the biggest enemy of this planet. Man has not yet learned, or he forgot how to be in harmony with the nature. The environment describes best the level of civilization of the society we live in. Therefore, protecting the nature means protecting the society and the people in it. The future is up to us. But do we care enough to do something? Consumer desktop printers have today acceptable prices and the companies that sell these products have a large and various offer. That is why the quantity of disposable ink cartridges has lately increased. When an ink cartridge is empty, needs to be replaced, and the first thing that comes into your mind is throw it in the trash and buy a new one. But it would be better to take a minute and think about where the trash goes. We can take care of our own computer-related waste in an easy and profitable manner. We can contribute with small steps to a larger campaign of recycling ink cartridges and save the environment. There are on the Internet lots of companies that deal with the recycle of ink cartridges. They buy our empty ink cartridges and recycle them, turning some un-useful products into cheap and performing products. You can select a few of those companies that recycle ink cartridges as a business. So when your ink cartridge is empty, just contact one of those companies and they will take care of your waste. Choosing a company that recycles ink cartridges is easy, as the Internet has become the universal searching tool. Find out what the prices are, how the company picks up the computer-related waste and then make a list of the companies that suites your needs best. You do not have to worry that you’ll pay for mailing the waste, the company takes care of that and even pays you for your waste! Though, there are companies that do not care about how dangerous can those items can be for the environment and they try to take advantage of the fact that many 3rd world countries are willing to pay for this trash without having to recycle it. That is why some big names in the printers and ink cartridges business such as Hp and Epson have begun a worldwide campaign of recycling ink cartridges, by offering this particular kind of service. Recycling ink cartridges can be a rewarding activity both in the financial area and the ecological campaign. It is a business that can get you a good profit because by recycling ink cartridges you can resell them at a lower price than the new ones and many people are interested in lowering their ink cartridge-related budget. On the other hand, you can help the environment by preventing the chemical waste and pilling of the non-biodegradable waste that the decomposition of the ink cartridges can produce. Today almost 30% of the ink cartridges are recycled all around the world. Through this procedure we can save a lot of primary resources and money. Accepted by the biggest companies, recycling ink cartridges must be done the right way though, and the results must be at least comparable to the ones obtained at the first use of the ink cartridge. It is a small step in cleaning our planet, but those days every gesture that can improve and protect our planet counts, as Lexmark and Canon saw too and begun the necessary steps to also recycle ink cartridges. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: