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3 steps to prepare pregnant, gave birth to a high IQ baby – Sohu want to foster a maternal and child health smart baby, and let the baby in the womb can smooth and healthy growth, before conceiving, prepare pregnant couple preparation work has become particularly important. Pregnant with a high IQ baby, just 3 steps 1, careful medication during pregnancy, for the use of drugs are very important. Because many drugs will affect the quality of sperm and egg inadvertently, may lead to the baby. Therefore, for medication, pregnant couples must be cautious. If the body is unwell, should also be under the guidance of a professional doctor reasonable medication, to avoid affecting the future baby’s health. 2, alcohol and tobacco, and high-heeled shoes to say goodbye to the alcohol will impair sperm vitality and the number of which is a lot of people know. Male sperm basically to 3 months to update. In addition, smoking and drinking may give birth to cerebral palsy children, women if smoking will damage the egg, resulting in ovarian aging. Therefore, if you want to have a healthy baby, in the preparation of pregnancy 3-6 months should quit smoking. In addition, women usually like to wear high-heeled shoes, but also bad wear. Long term wear high heels, will cause the body to tilt forward, under the action of external forces on both sides of the pelvis were forced to shrink, it will cause a narrow entrance of the pelvis, leading to childbirth difficulties. 3, a reasonable diet and adequate sleep during pregnancy, a reasonable diet, control their weight is also very important. Many people believe that women need to store a certain amount of fat to conceive, but too fat will affect pregnancy. Excessive secretion of hormones in the body, will affect ovulation. If it is too thin, it will reduce the secretion of hormones in the body, it will also affect ovulation. At the same time, to ensure that nutrition is to ensure good sleep, during pregnancy also need to develop good sleep habits, so as to ensure that the 1 days are in a state of energy, better to meet a good pregnancy.相关的主题文章: