Poyang Lake water level 1 months down to 6 meters in recent years, significant changes in hydrologic disise.com

The water level of Poyang Lake 1 months down 6 meters in hydrological changes in Nanchang news network reporter learned that in September 19th, with less rainfall and other factors, Poyang Lake water level dropped again, just one month by 6 meters, advance into the low water level. Reporters from the Jiangxi Provincial Water Conservancy Department learned that in September 19th, the water level of 11.96 meters of Xingzi hydrometric station, Poyang Lake 54 days ahead of time and again into the low water level. In previous years, today, Poyang Lake Xingzi average level of 16.03 meters, 4.07 meters lower this year than in previous years. According to reports, this is the Poyang Lake basin in wet year, rainy and flood. From January to early September, Jiangxi cumulative rainfall of 1621 mm, more than the average annual rainfall of more than 14%. Following last year’s winter season, a rare occurrence in the early flood season in mid March, the main flood season 4~6 month of Ganjiang River, Fuhe River, Xiu River, Changjiang times flood occurred over the police, in July, the Yangtze River and Poyang Lake had the biggest flood in the new century, the highest flood level up to 21.38 meters. August 19th Xingzi hydrological station 17.94 meters, only a month, he returned to Poyang Lake under low water level, the average daily return water more than 0.19 meters. The low water level data of the Yangtze River and Poyang Lake in recent years show that the hydrological situation of the Yangtze River and Poyang Lake has changed greatly. According to Li Guowen, deputy director of the Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of hydrology revealed that the water level in Poyang Lake will continue to decline. By September 29th, the water level of Poyang Lake station will be reduced to 10 meters below the Xingzi water level; in mid October, will be 8 meters lower than the extremely low water level. Ahead of the arrival of the Poyang Lake dry, there will be a serious impact on people’s livelihood, economic and ecological lake. Li Guowen suggested that relevant departments should study countermeasures to take effective measures to deal with early. (chief reporter Xu Jing)相关的主题文章: