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Hardware Do you know, according to a new study released by America Online and the National Cyber Security Alliance, some 80 percent of all .puter users are exposed to .mon Internet threats. So, it is quite relevant to know whether your .puter is secure or not. .puter services from an online .puter support provider could .e handy in this context. Study revealed that majority of the .puter users dont use any type of security software and those who use it, they dont update it on a regular basis. A majority of the .puter users dont have a properly-configured firewall and many of them also have no anti-spyware protection. And the funniest thing is that most the .puter users claim that they are safe from online threats. Nowadays, cases of cyber crime are on the rise. Cyber criminals are lurking on the web to infiltrate .puter that are not protected. And the most important thing is that whenever your .puter is connected to the Internet it be.es vulnerable to attacks. Sophisticated tools and techniques are being employed by the hackers to break into the PC and perform various illegal tasks. This includes stealing your important information and damaging hardware .ponents. To keep your system up and running and protect your important information you should keep the operating system up-to-date. In order to perform this task, you should install all critical updates and patches. In addition, keep all security programs like antivirus, antispyware, firewall and any other security program updated. Have a look at the start-up processes too. Open System configuration Utility by typing msconfig in the Run dialog box. Click on Startup tab and uncheck the programs that you dont want at startup. This will also reduce the boot up time of your PC significantly. Another healthy habit is to backup your data on a regular basis. To secure your .puter, you should also surf safely. Disable third-party cookies. You shouldnt also download email attachments from unknown users. Even if you get email attachments from your friends or acquaintances, scan the attachment before downloading. Instant messaging programs are .monly used by the hackers to spread viruses. To ensure your .puters safety you must set up your IM properly. Disable file sharing, file transfer as well as other advanced features and allow connections only from the users on your buddy list. Windows XP’s Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) might not be a full-featured firewall but it offers good protection to the PC users. You may also consider installing any third party firewall to protect your .puter and data. If you follow all these above mentioned tips, your .puter will not be easy to hack. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: