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Shanghai Media: the coach did not take the unusual way of foot "path" – Sports Sohu to win, to win! The "Xi’an win" ingenious combination of a slogan, eventually vanish like soap bubbles. In the face of known as the weakest team of Syria, the urgent need to grab points of the national foot last night not only failed to win, and even a draw did not keep. 0 to the score of 1, like a slap in the face, many people were slapped. More than the score is desperate, the Chinese team on the field show the chaos, and even can not see the goal of hope. The source of all this, pointing to coach Gao Hongbo. From the players, to the lineup, and then to change the spot, Gao Hongbo is really puzzling many practices. All of the pre buried curse curse, perhaps before the game had been planted. When the issue of the national list released, many people do not understand. Ren hang, Yang Xu, Dewey…… These players have not been able to kick the ball in the club, even one of Gao Hongbo’s love. Ren hang field as the absolute main, the first game in the face of the South Korean team will make several fatal mistakes that led directly to 2 than 3 lose, but still valued. From the recent performance, both ends of any aircraft without the color of the people really can not see when he could have been the main reason to know him this season did not play a few games. Yang Xu in Shandong Luneng has been reduced to only playing in the reserves and long-term dilemma, still not affect him in the country foot, last night behind in the score needed a goal, as was also sent on Jones, the result is almost useless, but there has always been a winner "said the striker Yu Dabao, even could not enter the list of 23 National People’s congress. Dewey happiness in China is also in the bench, Gao Hongbo was bent with him, and the same as the year 30 veteran Zheng Zhi, even if it is even in the national soccer team, Hengda is the mainstay, is the coach’s eye. And when the young, not much experience in the field of goalkeeper Gu Chao committed fatal low-level mistakes, it must be how many people will sigh: if Wang Dalei in the good! See, Gao Hongbo love with "new" love "Zoupian Jian Feng", you think, I don’t think you; no, I just want to give a chance. Otherwise, how to reflect the level of my coach? If these people can not play well, is that my vision, with people well? Not exactly my magic?! After the game when the match never pretended to calm Zhang Yuning, Gao Lin in the front line of mediocrity, when Hao Junmin, Zhang Xizhe and Huang Bowen in midfield without defensive hardness, when used as the left back Yu Hai on the pitch when originally injured when at a loss, has to leave the team at the last minute by Jiang Zhipeng also was sent on leave when, when the original is high center Yang Xu was again in the ball when the pass…… It is really difficult to understand, Gao Hongbo gourd in what drugs sold. Yes, Gao Hongbo is beating. If he is successful, he will be put on the magic coach again. He love unusual way to go, but China has embarked on a road of no return "". At present, there is no players on the fight the enemy separately routine, just like a headless flies alone, even the most ordinary)相关的主题文章:

Stone maintenance method use marble wax five points of attention-g227

Stone maintenance method use marble wax five points of attention stone maintenance methods use marble wax five points of attention

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?? for maintenance of all kinds of natural stone surface wax cloud is a semi paste paste, the surface of the stone made marble wax, its gloss, smoothness and color will significantly increase the degree of fullness, good smooth effect. We need to pay attention to five points when using the cloud wax to make stone maintenance.

stone maintenance methods use marble wax five points of attention (pictures from the network)

? a, understanding maintenance interval

?? the long-term use of marble stone that wax may cause chlorosis. Marble wax transparent, red, yellow, black, brown and other colors, and the products of different brands, the formula may also have subtle differences, and many consumers of cloud paraffin preservation method is not very clear, if you have the sun, the quality of the products will also be affected. When we buy it is recommended to consult an experienced person, how long can make a marble stone wax.

? Two , acid and alkali products with caution in the use of

?? marble wax into a semi paste, but some businesses will add the solvent in the product, may contain acid substances not recommended for general use. Most of the stone will react with acid and alkali, which will destroy the internal structure. You buy a marble wax, can be used widely for the test paper for pH test on the use of the purchase of cloud paraffin, see if you can use safety.

? ? Three,

pigment may pollute the stone

?? stone is a porous material, it is possible to absorb from pigments containing marble wax, causing the stone surface pollution. No added pigment cloud paraffin as soon as possible, or in the use of stone before confirming the stone surface has effectively waterproof and anti oil curing, surface can be fully maintenance of stone material, which has the ability to prevent pollution.

? ? Four, maintenance products avoid mixing

?? do not have to choose marble stone polishing wax, can also use the stone polishing agent, but the two kinds of maintenance products can only be used alone. Some consumers may have such a misunderstanding that the use of the effect will be better. In fact, polish and wax cloud is two kinds of different chemical substances, two mixed double effect not only fail to want, it will damage the stone.

? Five , dosage to control

? Because of the natural material and the unique color and texture of the stone, all of you


Blind running may not be healthy exercise should follow the law step by

Blind running may not be healthy exercise should follow the law of running step by step should emphasize the law of movement, many people first thought is running. But blind running may not be healthy. In fact, rhythmic exercise is more conducive to health! Scientific research has proved that exercise not only to follow the body’s own metabolism, but also to follow the laws of motion itself contains. The rhythmic movement is a movement that follows the law of motion. Rhythmic movement, is a rhythmic, regular movement, that is, according to a certain rhythm of the movement, the intensity of repeated, coordinated and sustained. Such as walking, jogging, swimming, dancing and other exercise to improve the body temperature, pulse, respiratory rate, and other forms of exercise, it belongs to the basic rhythm movement. Studies have shown that in the field of rehabilitation and prevention, rhythmic movement is very important for human health and disease rehabilitation. Moderate rhythm exercise can improve the body’s oxygen uptake capacity, enhance the body’s metabolism, increase the body’s absorption of nutrients and the use of the system, so as to promote human health, so that the disease as soon as possible to recover. Changchun, a fitness club coach in an interview with reporters, we do not introduce a very accurate understanding of the "step run". "Step run" is similar to jogging, but in the course of the exercise, the movement rhythm and breathing are required. ‘step run’ relative to the general jogging, the impact of the movement on the ground is relatively small, relatively safe." Zhang coach told reporters that the "step run" movement, the breathing should be calm, to promote a full net spit. Ten minutes before the running of respiratory instability, fast, slow, deep and shallow, and then gradually stabilized. Proper mouth opening to assist the nose to breathe. Each distance of not more than 1.5 feet long, should not be too large. That each fall on the other foot heel tip, heel toe from the maximum interval of 1.5 feet long. Sports injury caused by stride running. Running speed depends on foot dynamic frequency regulation, the pace of adjustment. The core idea of speed control is: slow down, slow down again! Walk slowly. The pace of "walking" is easy for people to talk freely. Exercise should be gradual. The first step is to run in the control, calmly spend 5 to 15 minutes of fatigue transition period, just started running the first 15 minutes do not run. It can be divided into adaptation period, recovery period and preparation period. The adaptation period of 1~3 months, the speed of 3~4 kilometers per hour, every step of running control 3000~5000 meters; recovery period of 6 months at the speed of 5~6 kilometers per hour, every step of running control in 4000~6000 meters; for 12~24 months at the speed of 6~8 kilometers per hour, every step in the 5000~10000 meters to run control. Specific speed depends on the specific circumstances of the individual, do not blindly pursue speed and distance." Coach Zhang said. (Changchun daily)相关的主题文章: