Organization Department of the CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee announced the appointment of candid-mmhouse

Department of the CPC Liaoning provincial Party committee organization intends to release any leadership positions for publicity in accordance with the "CPC Central Committee on the issuance of the" Regulations on the work of selection and appointment of leading cadres "notice" (in the 2014 No. 3) spirit, now aspiring leadership candidates publicity as follows (in order of strokes of Chinese characters): Lian Maojun, male, Han nationality. Born in November 1970, in August 1993, in May 1990 to join the Communist Party Chinese, provincial Party school graduate master’s degree, the incumbent Shenyang Municipal People’s government, Party members, the secretary general, office of the party secretary, the CPC Shenyang municipal committee. Han Dong too, male, Manchu, born in October 1960, in August 1982 May 1985, joined the Communist Party Chinese, university degree, bachelor’s degree, senior economist, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Shenyang municipal Party committee propaganda minister, deputy secretary of the CPC Shenyang municipal Party committee to be appointed. Teng Zhenfu, male, Han nationality, born in November 1963, in July 1985, January 1985 China joined the Communist Party, serving a university degree, the current CPC Dalian municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Deputy Minister of Dalian Federation of literary and art circles, chairman of Liaoning Writers Association, to be appointed party secretary (Department level), and nominated as vice chairman of Liaoning Writers Association. After this announcement, the community have different views on the above candidates, please before September 30, 2016 by telephone, letter, visit, online reporting and other ways to reflect the provincial Party Committee Organization department. Reflect the problem to seek truth from facts, telephone, letters and online reports should be true name. The effective time of petition letter to local postmark. Contact Tel: 024-12380 (1) report website: correspondence address: Liaoning provincial Party Committee Organization Department Cadre Supervision Information Management Office (Heping District, Shenyang Heping South Street, No. 45 postal code: September 25, 2016)相关的主题文章: