One week ahead of schedule! We have been able to help Cook release iPhone 7

One week ahead of schedule! We have been able to help Cook released the iPhone 7 digital news Tencent (Rabbit) at the end of August and early September, an invigorating autumn climate, relaxed and happy. In addition to good weather, but also to the annual outlook for the new iPhone of the time. Apple usually held a press conference in September each year, released its own star products, and this year is no exception. Up to now, the news about the new generation of iPhone has also been exposed almost, from the name, appearance, configuration to the new features, we basically have to understand almost. It seems as if Apple has not paid much attention to the secret work since it entered the Cook era. Before the Jobs era, every time before the conference, the mysterious feeling and sense of anticipation Bengtiyouduo high, a few months ago, and now it seems to iPhone, basically about the news has been exposed. Although this year’s iPhone what seems to be no big surprise, but there is still a lot of places worthy of attention, let us look at this year’s focus on the new iPhone news and rumors summary before the conference. The name was "taken for granted" by the outside world, saying that this year’s new iPhone will be named iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and many media and websites will start using it. But at the end of 7, the news from shows that iPhone will be named "iPhone 6SE" this year, rather than the previous iPhone 7, from Apple’s new packaging. But recently, some friends broke the news that, in fact, iPhone 6S is the iPhone 6SE, there will be four color, and Apple will launch this year, iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus, but are equipped with dual cameras. Cancel 3.5mm headset interface on the cancellation of the 3.5mm headset interface argument for a long time, there have been a lot of changes in the middle and reversal, but now the design has been basically confirmed. Although for this design, there are many disputes in accordance with the outside world, but Apple has been "style, even if users persist in wilfully and arbitrarily" against Apple will stop "change" determination. In addition, cancel 3.5mm interface, Apple will launch a converter to calm the user "dissatisfaction", but the converter is composed by the users to spend money to buy extra or bundled, now is not good enough. The standard OIS optical image stabilization, iPhone 7 Plus dual camera dual camera seems to have become the development trend of intelligent mobile phone market, Apple also seems to respond. However, in iPhone 7, with dual cameras will be 5.5 inches iPhone, while the 4.7 inch iPhone will continue to be a single camera design of the Plus. In addition, as well as the camera module iPhone 7 photo exposure, and from the photos, the iPhone camera uses a!相关的主题文章: