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UnCategorized Essex has befallen an unwanted reputation as being home to footballer’s wives types, and boy racers who like to burn rubber on the A12 bypass. Due to this, one could be forgiven for thinking that wedding venues in Essex are being overrun by platinum blonde scantily clad babes with some young hoodlum wearing a silver trimmed hoodie instead of a tux standing beside her. The show Essex Wives which featured Jodie Marsh certainly didn’t do anything to help the image of the county’s wedding venues. Essex is in fact an ancient English county, and offers a whole host reasons to be culturally proud. Essex is home to the oldest recorded town, Colchester, which was once the heart of British civilization before the invasion of the Romans, and has many ancient monuments that form a stunning backdrop to registered wedding venues. Essex is also known for being a favoured place of John Constable who spent many hours of his life depicting the countryside that meets the Suffolk border in delicately painted oils. With such impressive references such as these, it is a shame that the media can tarnish such a colourful past with an overloaded make-up palette and a few screeching tyres. The Essex area as a whole is known for being a rural country, filled with quaint villages that boast a sea of thatched cottages, and this is what brides and grooms to be should be looking at when choosing wedding venues. Essex isn’t actually known for being host to shotgun weddings in a multi-storey car park, so the portrayal of supposedly typical Essex lads and lassies doesn’t actually fit the majority of people that choose to get married in the area. In fact, wedding venues in Essex are often located in areas of outstanding natural beauty, historical sites, or in the grounds of country houses. The Essex girl reputation that was milked to the hilt in an attempt to boost a o.ime lap dancer to fame through a public marriage is actually nothing more than a throwback to a mid-eighties attitude; one that spawned a never ending stream of jokes about white stilettos. That was nearly thirty years ago, and it is time that the worn out joke was put to bed. For women that do choose to marry in this wonderful part of the country, white heels may still be on the agenda, albeit with a little less height and coupled with a dress fit for a princess, not a media Barbie doll. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: