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No matter how hard the road ahead, the courage to go ahead is more happy than standing in situ – Sohu, a mother and a friend told me that she felt that she could not live, her child just 8 months old. Postpartum has been their own children alone, so tired so hard, pay so much, but the child has been a problem, especially love to cry, move a cry is a whole night. Her husband never understand her hard work, she will only be accused of not working every day at home has not been optimistic about the child. The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is nervous, mother-in-law although retired, but never seen help children. Several times, when the baby is sick and his friend is sick, helpless to drag the sick body to take care of the weak baby, a friend will feel very hard to live, I feel no love. "I feel death is a relief, nothing is more painful than living." I can’t understand the hopelessness of life! When life falls into the bottom of the valley, it really feels like nothing is more painful than living. I’ve been through this stage myself. Eleven years ago, on my birthday, my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. I remember the day of the special days of the blue, the sun shines, that moment to hear the results of my heart seems to fall into the endless darkness, the sun so strong, but I really feel a bitter cold. The next year, the western medicine treatment of all kinds of Chinese medicine we have tried, but still can only look at the mother’s life was a little cancer cells. Second years ago, a few days ago, my mother will never leave us, mom walked less than a month, because of excessive miss, has been particularly strong father suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. I still remember the day when he was ill, he called me and said, "", your mom’s gone. She doesn’t want us. I’m going to get her back. " from that day, dad all day and night without sleep, one to send mother back, brother sister-in-law sent him to the hospital, doctors diagnosed as senile dementia, because my mother left too much lead to his. After a period of treatment, Dad’s illness was good and bad, but he gave up his life a little bit. 3 years after my mother left, my father left me for a long time. I was just pregnant for about 2 months. Although there are brothers and sisters, but once the warm home no longer exists. I think this is the lowest valley of life. No, not. To add insult to injury, my career has also been hit hard. Every day there are countless bad news. At that time, I feel that God is too cruel, I do not know why my life to encounter so many ups and downs. In the lowest point of the time, I deeply feel that nothing is more painful than alive. Death does not seem to be terrible, but will make people free. For almost a week’s time, there were all sorts of negative thoughts in my mind. One day when I was deeply entangled in the pain, I suddenly wake up, if I have the courage to die, what is there to be afraid of it? I have no chance to see the light when I am dead. The lowest abyss of life相关的主题文章: