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NDRC: the first half double "six growth"   over 40 billion yuan funds to be put into operation — finance, people.com.cn "Securities Daily" reporter learned, pointed out that the national development and Reform Commission deputy director Lin Nian Xiu 25 in the country’s new office development situation management held a press conference, to guide the scale of more than 40 billion yuan in the country new industry venture capital fund recently will be officially put into operation, which is beneficial to the venture capital of our country the next step development. Nian Xiu Lin introduced the current situation of China’s management of related work at the meeting. The first half of the year, double work presented "six growth" development trend, namely: the new main market of rapid growth, the rapid growth of start-up employment needs of enterprises and large enterprises management supporting platform of substantial growth, technology market obvious growth, strategic emerging industries continue to grow, the new board listed companies to double the growth. Practice shows that the management has become an important carrier of the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, an important measure to promote the supply side structural reform, foster new growth momentum, an important driving force of the new economy. Specific figures: the first half, the country’s newly registered enterprises 2 million 620 thousand, an increase of 28.6%, the average daily new set up enterprises of 14 thousand. From a structural point of view, emerging services sector accounted for the proportion of new market continues to rise. June, information transmission, software and information services industry added 28 thousand enterprises, an increase of 36%. From these data can be seen, the rapid development of market players. According to incomplete statistics, the first half of the year, the central enterprises to build all kinds of new double platform more than and 100, at the end of last year than the total number of nearly doubled. By building the management support platform, carry out open innovation cooperation, the implementation of large and small enterprises share capital, share technology, enlarge the internal staff and the small business innovation and entrepreneurial energy, realize sharing of common development and growth. In the first half, 1 million 445 thousand domestic patent applications, an increase of 37.8%; technical contract turnover of $337 billion 300 million, an increase of 11.6%. Strategic emerging industries, the main business revenue grew 11.6%, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 0.6 percentage points; total profit grew by 18.9%, compared with the same period last year increased by 3.5 percentage points. Three new board listed companies 2559, respectively, in 2015 and in the same period in 2014 and 5.7 times more than 2.4 times, for more venture capital in a timely manner to provide a channel exit. Bayashi Nanaga pointed out that in the management of advancing the process, strengthen the financial support. Perfect the preferential policies to support entrepreneurship and innovation, and accelerate the establishment of fund and Development Fund for small and medium-sized enterprises operation of emerging industrial countries venture capital, and actively build a multi-level capital market, to support qualified enterprises to the gem listing, the issue of the establishment of double hatching special bonds, and promote the innovation of financial institutions to support the establishment of science and technology entrepreneurship secured loans, intellectual property pledge, pledge of shares and other financial products, continue to promote the investment loan linkage pilot, continue to broaden the financing channels for double. The second half of the year, will also accelerate the introduction of the "13th Five-Year" national strategic emerging industry development plan "and" strategic emerging industries focus on products and services)相关的主题文章: