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Nanpai Sanshu for ten years, from the "Ghoul" evolution as a capital game player – Sohu science and technology article small table new media reporter Li Qiushui recently Nanpai Sanshu described the limelight without the two. The screenwriter movie "Tomb notes" at the box office, as of press time has reached 970 million yuan, net station to broadcast the drama "old nine door" served as producer of the play has reached 7 billion 235 million; in addition, all kinds of IP derived Mobile Games, comic books, drama, let the writer born "entrepreneurs" earned pours. And this week, he and the author of the novel "" flower and bone fresh Gogokhia co founded the company "pie" has just announced the acquisition of ten million yuan investment Chinese latitude. Plus is seeking C round of financing of Pan Entertainment (formerly known as South South investment), Nanpai Sanshu in the capital on the road farther and farther. The South pan Entertainment (the original Southern investment) from June 2006 "Tomb notes" novels began in the online series began counting from the sudden burst of red to the creator, resourceful businessman Nanpai Sanshu ten years after what kind of change? Find a house of gold Nanpai Sanshu, book name Xu Lei, was born in 1982 in Jiashan County, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang province. He was a foreign trade company, 2006 foreign trade landslide, started in the online creation of "Tomb notes" series. Nanpai Sanshu Chinese network and the initial starting point is a writer. In 2003 Chinese’s first online network starting point charges read, proposed 2 kilobytes of payment system. The business model of network literature has been established. At the beginning of 2005, starting point and writers agreed on the 37 principles, namely each received a dime, who scored 7 points with 3 points, the website. In May of that year, starting point to millions of dollars in royalties paid contracted writers. The red blood that writers annual income of up to about two hundred thousand. The early Nanpai Sanshu in this context, in June 26, 2006, South Pine uncle "seven Lu Palace" five words in the name at the beginning of "ghost chuideng" Baidu Post Bar serial ghost chuideng Fanfic, later to become Chinese starting point, independent contract writer, called "Tomb notes". At the time of Nanpai Sanshu and other popular Internet writer, the usual path is: Online famous line publishing. 2007 "Tomb notes" the first novel published until 2012, the total sales of more than 20 million books, comic version of three years sales exceeded 20 million copies. In the 2011 session of the sixth Chinese writer rich list, Nanpai Sanshu also with 15 million 800 thousand yuan of royalties on the writer’s second richest man. 2015 – China writer rich list, it is worth mentioning that, in December 2009, the Hollywood paramount bought "Tomb notes" film and television rights, but after no action. In December 23, 2011 the "Tomb notes" after the completion of Nanpai Sanshu into the road of entrepreneurship content. He is co-founder of the literary magazine and iron "nice" and served as editor in chief, in August 1, 2011 the national unified market, the first printing of 300 thousand copies, listed second days sold out of stock. At that time was indeed very red.相关的主题文章: