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Nanjing 5 year old boy lost the way "careless" mom did not find the Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Shao Hui Tao Weizhou) took the children to the streets, be sure to hand, otherwise it is easy for children to get lost. This does not, the recent Nanjing Lishui a mother with her 5 year old son to the streets, because there is no hand, just a minute, the child disappeared. Modern Express reporter learned that, fortunately, the police promptly launched the public to find, after 40 minutes, the child was found. The police for map in November 6th 7 pm, Nanjing Lishui police received alarm area residents Ms. Zhang, said the 5 year old son in the vicinity of Yong Yang Street Tongji Street Plaza lost. After the alarm, the police immediately rushed to the scene to lead the SWAT team members. Modern Express reporter learned that, in the evening, Ms. Zhang and her 5 year old son to go shopping together at Tongji street plaza. When passing a stall selling toys shop, Ms. Zhang looked down for a moment, did not expect a return to find her son gone. Anxious Ms. Zhang immediately in the vicinity to find no results, but had no choice but to the police for help. After learning of the situation, the police side according to the physical characteristics of the little boy lost in the vicinity of Tongji Street Plaza to find a launch around the people to expand the scope of the search. In the efforts of the police and enthusiastic people, 40 minutes later, the police in the distance away from the children lost a place outside the door of a supermarket found a crying little boy, 500. See his son safe and sound, Ms. Zhang excited tears of the earth’s tears, an effort to express gratitude to the police and the surrounding people. Police remind the majority of parents: children must be taken care of, try not to let them out of their sight. Parents should be able to highlight the location of the child in the home address or phone labeling, or put such information card in the pocket, so that good people can contact their families in a timely manner. Usually have to teach their children to remember their phone number and home address, once the child was found to be a timely warning.相关的主题文章: