Mount Huangshan a mountain in the sea of clouds like surf cibi

Mount Huangshan: a mountain in the "sea of clouds" like surf Mount Huangshan four: cison, rocks, sea of clouds and hot springs, compared to the other three, the more rare sea of clouds. In Mount Huangshan, 365 days a year, only 51 days have a chance to see the sea of clouds. Every year from November to May of the second year is the best time to watch the Mount Huangshan sea, especially after the rain and snow, when stratocumulus hit ground fog, every sunrise and before sunset, clouds will be the most spectacular, walk in Mount Huangshan is like taking a ladder. Eight hundred in Mount Huangshan sea, rolling, changing. And then the gas Zhuolang emptying, Long Feng Qing, a veil of cloud shrouded peaks, rocks, trees and combining formed partly hidden and partly visible, charming scenes like a mirage, such as near the sea shore, wave peak Chung, splash, surf, as if people entered the myth of a dream. In Mount Huangshan second peak light top overlooking the southeast day peak and Yuping peak, and disappeared in the vast clouds, sometimes showing steep and beautiful. With the ever-changing clouds, lotus peak also sometimes is the clouds, sometimes seem to show it like the lotus posture. Pippin of the East China Sea scenery, 36 small peak wind around the clouds, like a sea of tiny islands. At this time of Mount Huangshan, like the Qing Wu Yinglian of Xiuning Poetry: "wind gradually from Xi wave Chien Chung, yiwangwuya heart shocked. Small Mountain Dew like stone, with high water." "Million class in heart period, Mount Huangshan, Mount Huangshan all have" to change unpredictably natural landscape, rich in poetic and romantic infinite, many tourists and artists called "famous gourmet, all the beauty of totem". Mount Huangshan is a miracle of the cison strange stone, in the sea of clouds against the more extraordinary, while the beginning of November 24th Mount Huangshan half price activities, go to see the sea of clouds! Source: People’s network Anhui channel   figure: Vision China相关的主题文章: