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More than 23000 men left Shanghai 3S lady more hope for Shanghai local newspaper news (reporter Chen Yijun) recently, Shanghai women and children guidance service center (women’s Park), Shanghai matchmaking agency management association to carry out the "Shanghai single youth marriage survey", the survey found that single young men and women are more or less passive attitudes to marriage problems marriage, marriage positioning is not clear, lack of knowledge and skills. In addition, influence of regional culture and occupation background, love EQ, men and women of modern young people in different logical thinking and behavior views of marriage and "Mendanghudui, langcainvmao" in the traditional concept of marriage is still large. In the survey, 77.18% of respondents said they would consider the birthplace of each other in the course of spouse selection, and 77.39% of Shanghai people expressed more hope to find Shanghai natives. According to the March 2016 population data of Shanghai City, Shanghai 18 to 40 years old unmarried male to female ratio of 53.24:46.76 was significantly higher than that of single men, single women, the results of the sixth census data also support this. According to the previous 7 blind people will register participants situation, marriage in 20 to 30 years old, 33.45% male, 66.5% female; 30 to 35 people, accounted for 48% of men, women accounted for 52%; 35 people to 40 years old, 57% male, 43% female; 40 to 45 people years old, accounted for 70% of men, women accounted for 30%. Therefore, the problem of single older women and single older men is also outstanding. "Leftover women" will become a hot topic in society, because women pay more attention to the topic of love and marriage. In order to help single people to solve the problem of marriage, "let alone — no single section of the eighth Shanghai municipal marriage Fair will be held in Qingpu in November 26th 27, Zhao lane. Hot news: Shanghai prosecutors on suspicion of bribery Dai Haibo, concealing offshore deposits prosecution case Shanghai vehicle inspection system was totally paralyzed owner: tomorrow is 200 +3 the people buy second-hand housing in the landlord had died by signing Oolong couple on the Hong Kong team dinner for Conca Shanghai top luxury exposure (Figure) He Jiong was rushed to the hospital in Shanghai the operation due to metal insert leg (Figure) weather forecast: Shanghai Wednesday the temperature only 10 degrees to 7 degrees to cool the cliff next week

申城剩男超过剩女 上海人更希望找上海本地人   本报讯(记者 陈逸君)近日,上海市妇女儿童指导服务中心(巾帼园)、上海市婚介机构管理协会等开展 《上海单身青年的婚恋调查》,调查发现,单身青年男女或多或少存在着婚恋态度消极被动、婚恋定位不清晰、婚恋知识技能缺失等问题。此外,地域文化和职业背景、恋爱情商、男性和女性在婚恋观上的思维逻辑和行为方式的差异以及“门当户对、郎才女貌”等传统婚恋观念对现代青年人的影响仍较大。调查中,77.18%的被调查者表示在择偶过程中会考虑对方出生地,77.39%的上海人表示更希望找上海本地人。   根据2016年3月上海市人口数据,上海18至40岁未婚男女比例为53.24:46.76,单身男性明显高于单身女性,第六次人口普查的结果也支持这一数据。根据以往7届万人相亲会报名参会情况来看,20至30岁的征婚者中,男性占33.45%,女性占66.5%;30至35岁人群中,男性占48%,女性占52%;35至40岁人群中,男性占57%,女性占43%;40至45岁人群中,男性占70%,女性占30%。可见,单身大龄女和单身大龄男的问题同样突出。   之所以“剩女”会成为社会热点,因为女性对婚恋话题更关注。为有针对性地帮助单身青年解决婚恋问题,“让单身节再不孤单——上海市第八届婚恋博览会”将于11月26日、27日在青浦赵巷举行。   热点新闻:   上海检察机关对戴海波涉嫌受贿、隐瞒境外存款案提起公诉   上海车管所验车系统全线瘫痪 车主:明天就200块+3分了   市民购二手房遇乌龙 签约房东已过世遭顶替   孔卡夫妇家宴上港队友 上海顶级豪宅曝光(图)   何炅被急送上海医院手术 疑因金属物插入小腿(图)   天气预报:   上海周三起最低温仅10度 下周将断崖式降温7度相关的主题文章: