Microsoft set up a new artificial intelligence sector led by Shen Xiangyang 9c8996

Microsoft set up a new artificial intelligence department led by Shen Xiangyang Tencent science and technology news, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft announced on Thursday that the establishment of a new artificial intelligence sector, more in-depth exploration of the field of rapid development of artificial intelligence. Research on artificial intelligence and machine learning is being carried out in Silicon Valley. According to the Bank of America report, by 2020, the size of the industry is estimated to reach $70 billion, higher than the $8 billion 200 million in 2013. On Wednesday, Microsoft and other 4 technology giants Amazon, Google (micro-blog), Facebook and IBM jointly set up a non-profit organization to promote public understanding of artificial intelligence technology. Microsoft established a new sector, namely Microsoft artificial intelligence and research group, will be responsible for Shen Xiangyang. Shen Xiangyang previously served as senior positions in the Microsoft Research Institute and the engineering department. Shen Xiangyang said: since the establishment of Microsoft Research Institute, Microsoft in the study of artificial intelligence technology. However, we just opened a corner of the curtain all the possibilities." Microsoft CEO Satya · Nadella (Satya Nadella) said earlier, Microsoft $26 billion 200 million acquisition of LinkedIn transaction will help to strengthen the company’s data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence technology. Microsoft is also conducting a series of acquisitions to expand the study of artificial intelligence. In February this year, Microsoft announced the acquisition of predictive input method application SwiftKey. Last month, Microsoft also acquired a schedule based on artificial intelligence applications Genee. Earlier this year, Microsoft’s attempts at artificial intelligence suffered embarrassing results. Microsoft’s artificial intelligence chat robot Tay on Twitter published a series of racist, sexist remarks. (compile Li Wei) recommended: focus on AI generation micro signal (tencentAI), reply to the "Standford," access to Stanford University: 2030 artificial intelligence and Life Report Download link.相关的主题文章: