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Is Fan Bingbing going to marriage or ambiguous response: what can Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reported Fan Bingbing (Fan Ye) the day before at the sixty-fourth Annual San Sebastian International Film Festival in the movie "," I am not Pan Jinlian "won the best actress award silver shell, also thanks to the sweet boyfriend Li Chen:" I would also like to thank Mr. Li my." When she was interviewed, revealed that the other side of the love came to Spain, was asked when the two people have good news, it is ambiguous response: what is possible." Fan Bingbing Li Chen Fan Bingbing is reported in the "I am not Pan Jinlian" starting 10 days before the next role, but in one fell swoop won the best actress award silver shell, the acting strength obvious to people attend the festival, to Spain, Li Chen specially put down a director to accompany all the way, only for her birthday, she moved to say: "feeling secure is when you want to eat Chinese food, some people buy it back to you." For Li Chen’s close, Fan Bingbing said in a relationship, he is very fancy feeling of companionship, and Li Chen are all done, the couple from 2014 so far discovered in love, going steady for 2 years, was asked to have plans for marriage? She said there is no plan, but did not take it as a vague smile to answer: "everything is by the feeling, when it comes, what unexpected situations are possible." (ETToday text)相关的主题文章: