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Male haircuts Kinds Of Hair Dye Posted By: Marsudi There are many reasons why people dye their hair, from just trying, following trends, impressing people, beautifying performance, or even covering gray hair appears on their head. The ways are varied; from only highlighting the bangs until coloring the whole hair. The increasing number of hair coloring orders gives raise to an explosion of many hair polish product. However, we can classify them into four categories: 1.Natural Dye Most of natural hair dye are made of herbs. This dye rarely causes allergy on the skin, unless they are combined with some chemical agent. One of the most popular plants for hair dye is Henna (Lawsonia Intermis). Naturally dried Henna can produce brown, orange, and red color. If Henna comes in blond, brown, mahogany, there is a possibility of chemical agent combination. Henna has been used since thousands years ago. According to the research in Egypt, Cleopatra also liked to dye her hair using Henna ingredient to beautify herself. Formerly, people planted and processed henna traditionally. But now henna is processed more modern by changing into powder, so it is more practical and efficient.

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