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Computers-and-Technology Cell Phones are not cheap and when you don’t have the cash then you should look at used cell phones. In most cases they are perfectly fine for you to buy. Here’s what you need to look for when it comes to buying a used cell phone. Purchasing By Auctions One of the best ways to find used cell phones is to buy them on online auction sites such as eBay. You can often get a phone for a very low cost. Don’t forget to make sure that phone will work with your carrier. The phone you will buy will possibly not be unlocked so you need to remember this. It’s a good move to buy used mobile that are pretty new as you want to get the best features you can with that phone. When buying on auction sites make sure you work with a seller that has good seller ratings. Classified Websites and Forums It’s not a good idea to purchase a cell phone through classified such as Craigslist or through online forums. In this case you just don’t know what you’re getting so for used cell phones these are not the best options for buying a phone. It’s difficult if not impossible to actually trust someone selling in this manner no matter how good the deal sounds to you. It’s not recommended that you buy a cell phone this way. Refurbished Cell Phones Many stores cell used cell phones which are refurbished. This means they have usually brought back to the factory and been fixed. There’s no way to actually tell what was done to the phone but you can get good deals this way on used cell phones. It’s basically buyer beware with refurbished phones but you shouldn’t have much of a problem with your phone but the lifespan might be a bit shorter. If you decide to buy this way just understand what you’re getting yourself into. Local Area One of the best ways to buy used cell phones is through local classified and sales. You’ll be able to actually go and see the phone and these phones should work already in your local area so you shouldn’t have any hassles with setup of the phone once you buy it. This also gives you the ability to check out the phone personally to see if anything is wrong with it. You can ask the seller questions about the phone before you hand over your money. You do have to be careful however as people may still try to rip you off. If the sale doesn’t feel right to you just back away and try someone else. Don’t buy unless you’re completely confident that you’re getting a proper phone. You Can Find Great Deals When it comes to used cell phone it just takes some common sense before you buy. Never buy a phone unless you feel completely confident in the sale. You can save a lot of money on used cell phones so just shop smartly. Copyright (c) 2013 Joe Pick About the Author: 相关的主题文章: