Led Projector Lamp Live Under The Stars For Once-innawoods

.puters-and-Technology Projector lamps have been in the market for a long time. With the latest Light Emitting Diode technology every display device is be.ing more and more sophisticated and .pact. The LED Projector is the latest update in Projectors. The LEDs .bined with the light source provide an excellent projection. The illumination is extremely bright and instantly lights up the room and display through the small LED lamp source. This innovation has made many high end manufacturers to use it and .e out with amazing home theater projector products. The quality is simple superb. The colors, contrast, brightness make the view to behold. The LED Projector lamp illuminates your room with multi hued red or light lasers with amazing dramatic effects. You can enjoy the celestial patterns or a scenic waterfall all in live action with amazing effects for a party at home or disco night. Its buyers are mostly DJs , pubs, discos for it is a apt DJ party tool. Everybody enjoys a color laser show. The wavelengths of green laser and red laser are532nm and 660 nm respectively. The pivot of the Projector lamp can be rotated horizontally about 360degrees to create amazing patterns. The Projector is built in 2 precision glass lens and precision motor for slow speeds. The output power varies from 50milliwatts to 100 milliwatts. It could be used continuously upto 5hours for a party. It is so much fun to dance with the stars in your living room with your loved ones. If fun with family is not the only purpose, it can also be used for educational activities such as demonstrations, seminars,etc. The Projector lamp is very convenient to use and can be adjusted to the angles. The high illumination light beam can reach upto 25- 30 meters. This is consumes less energy hence making it an ideal low consumption device and has no harmful UV radiation light beams. Have a LED Projector Lamp for cozy family visual treat. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: