Knight three giant after the end of the explosion of the core of New York, the four rose bloom is di-plustek

Knight three giant 71 PTS in New York four core rose to help the muskmelon – Sohu sports > > data point shooting record of Beijing time on October 26th, the NBA regular season opener, the Cavaliers home court with 117-88 easily beat the Nicks team, ushered in the opener. The Cavaliers three giants together scored 71 points, while the New York big four is the only resistance less than three day time completely surrendered, the most important is the "New York four" the apparent lack of understanding. Before Nuo A and Ross did not join the Nicks team mainly rely on Anthony alone, now "New York single core" instantly became the "New York four", but from the first day of the performance, the team is still rely on Anthony. The first section, the Nicks team has only 18 points, but Anthony’s got 11 points, the most important is the opening stage of Nicks still managed to lead, but once the Cavaliers force, Nicks is like a "paper tiger" cannot withstand a single blow. In just 12 minutes, Nicks team appeared in the 7 turnovers, we can see that the team is still not a mature team, the lack of cooperation between the obvious lack of each other. After all, in the summer of 2016, "New York big four" get away from. Anthony in the Olympic Games in Rio, Nuo A to concentrate on his fitness, Ross because of rape lawsuit, only the "wave of God" Pohl Zingis a person to concentrate on training, it will inevitably lead to Nicks’s big four lack of understanding with each other. In contrast, the Cavaliers three giants? Since after the win, James to give up in Rio and defending, "emperor" initiative to open the mini camp, called the team training camp, although Erwin did not travel with the team, but the knight team tacit understanding has reached the best in team history. Realistically speaking, the "New York four" was one of Ross and Nuo A are flashy without substance, because of injury, the decline in serious condition, two people have been out of the ranks of first-line Star Alliance, as for Pohl Zingis, he is still too young, only Anthony have all star level. Cavaliers big three is all in the peak period, although the love of God music was criticized, but James and Erwin’s strength is absolutely all star in all star. In addition to the attack, the knight three giant charisma or beyond the obvious "New York big four" of more than one. At the end of the half, the three giants jointly contributed a total of 32 points, and in the team led by the attack of the team under the guidance of the three. In contrast, the Nicks team, the "big four" personal attack barely passable, but obviously there is a short board led his teammates. In section second, one Ross scored 10 points and Anthony gave New York fans see Didier Nicks’s hope, but it was Nicks the last radiance of the setting sun. The third day, Nicks in the first 8 minutes of time only 6 points for the Cavaliers, wave flow, will divide the difference to large expansion above 15 points, Erwin contributed 13 points, Le Fu 5 points, James 5 points, the three giants are the Cavaliers third first 26 points in 23 points, the true value of is the big three. (Luan Taiwan)相关的主题文章: