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Exercise Our knees are the pillar of strength; they are the wheels of our body. From the cradle to the grave our limbs are the pillar of both support and strength to our body. After a certain age knees very weak and needs replacement. This generally happens around the age of sixty. Gender Specific knee replacement is the most .mon among overweight women. The lower part of the body increases in dimension and with the much concentration of fat there it over weight. This leads to the pressure in the legs and limbs and leads to its damage. It is a type of old age related disease. Then a person should go for Knee rehabilitation, without any further delay. Gender Specific Knee replacement is quite .mon among the women in many developing countries like India. Surgical doctors generally perform the knee rehabilitation procedure, since surgery is involved in it. The patients go through this treatment procedure, when they suffer from joint pains and osteoarthritis and other types of arthritis. The physician replaces the weight bearing parts of the knee-joint. This patient goes through severe inflammation and severe pain in the knee joints. This eventually makes the daily movements really difficult over a certain period of time. This generally happens because of the wear and tear of the knee. Due to age and wear and tear, the knee rehabilitation is quite .mon nowadays. To replace the knee joint, plastic and metal .ponents are used to shape and felicitate the movement of knees. Some time there can be total or partial knee replacement in gender specific knee replacement. Implants are specifically designed for women who are slated to be addressed. The womans knees are a little different than the mans. It generally improves the overall functions of knee implants; today specially created implants for women are used to give them much flexibility. The anatomy of the male body is quite different from the female body. The basis of the gender specific knee replacement is from the fact that the femur or the thighbone as it is generally called in case of women is quite narrow from the side. As far as the men are concerned, the kneecap rests on a .paratively more oblique line. Knee rehabilitation is a bit lengthy process and painful. In men, the kneecap rests on a .paratively more oblique line, which is absent in the case of women. So knee replacement for women with women special knee has proved to be more .fortable and also at the same time quite beneficial. The surgical procedure is quite same in the case of both the genders. The results are quite positive and also encouraging. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: