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Just follow the guide flags? More than 30% of the elderly choose self-help travel in China where the elderly favorite play? Old people will only wear a uniform travel agency hat a large group of people follow the tour guide to the small flag? Have you ever dreamed of traveling abroad after the age of 100? On the morning of 20, in the "live to one hundred years old, travel all over the world – journey will start ceremony", "tourism consumption behavior Chinese in Elderly Research Report 2016" released report shows that in the economic and physical conditions are allowed, the domestic 81.2% elderly respondents are willing to travel, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Beijing the three people most love travel, ranked in the top three. China’s largest outbound 101 years old now, middle-aged tourists accounted for 53% of men, women accounted for 47%, mainly in 51 to 60 years of age accounted for the highest proportion of 62%, followed by the 61 to 70 age group, accounting for 33%, the elderly over the age of 70 accounted for 5%. Today, more and more elderly travel. "I went to India in March this year, the day was very hot, but in three or four a 69 year old man, there are two elderly people at the age of 72, has more energy than both my wife and I, the 9 day of the trip, the way the old people set on time, take care of each other, never give up the team, are better than group the performance of young friends." This year 40 year old Mr. Wang said. Recently, 101 year old Liu Chengxin Wuxi run of the passport, she became a passport applicant in China in recent years the oldest old man at present, in addition to a reasonable diet, have good ears and eyes, a walk is one of the secrets of longevity. The old man had 10 children, the whole family has more than 50 people, children and grandchildren have been very filial, these years she traveled with the Jiangsu Province main tourist city. "The old man love travel very much, when you go out to play the full spirit, recently she said to go to abroad to see." This year 54 year old daughter told reporters. According to the arrangement, Liu Chengxin, an old man is about to take the same route cruise ship Royal Caribbean Ocean quantum number, to experience a 4 night of Japan and South Korea cruise travel 5. Mainly want to "make up for young regret" report shows that 57% of the elderly tourists in retirement, 12% semi retired, 24% is still working; about 60% elderly tourists monthly income of 3000 yuan, 7000 yuan. In addition to Shanghai, Jiangsu, Beijing, the top three regions accounted for up to 36.7% travelers, in addition, Guangdong, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Henan, Sichuan, Hubei, the elderly also like to travel. But while the body is not to walk around and see a lot of friends and family, pass the time of retirement, film shooting and other travel attracted to the beauty of reason, 15% of the elderly in order to make up for the regret youth travel to play, showing their life hard for the family to play together, temporarily buried his dreams. 50 years driving in the elderly more than half of the respondents prefer depth travel experience, no longer satisfied with the number of fly chase attractions. Today, the elderly travel accounted for 33%, preferred aircraft accounted for 43%, while more than half of the cruise brigade.相关的主题文章: