Japanese media questioned Obama push TPP document with special China said sweets parade

Japanese media questioned Obama: push TPP document with China that Japanese media issued a document specifically questioned Obama: push TPP fight! Take special China that Chinese network once again issued a document analysis of Obama the TPP plan. The title is: "Obama called for the approval of TPP with China said." It is TPP, and that with Chinese. It even has stood by the United States Japan media also on Obama’s TPP plan was in doubt. The following is the full text: US President Obama local time on September 16th and the financial sector to people around the trans Pacific [-0.86% funding research report] economic cooperation agreement (TPP) talks at the White House, and to promote the approval of the U.S. Congress and TPP cooperation agreement. Obama told reporters, China is seeking to build an independent trade system in asia. This is clearly not conducive to the rules of American companies, emphasizing the need for TPP. The talks have participated in the presidential election the Republican nomination battle for Ohio governor John Kasich, former New York mayor Peng Bo, former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and IBM CEO Virginia Romitti et al. (CEO). US Democratic presidential candidate, former Secretary of state Hilary Clinton and the Republican candidate, the real estate tycoon Donald Trump think that TPP will take away American jobs, showing against TPP’s attitude. Obama pointed out to TPP, there are a lot of misunderstanding". Stressed that if the TPP can not be approved, will bring long-term adverse to the United states". Kacic held a press conference at the White House with the White House spokesman, Ernest. Opposition governor held a press conference in the White House is rare. He said "the economic base will enhance U.S. influence in Asia, the rise of Chinese indicating alertness sense. Unable to count on the next regime to approve TPP, Mr Obama urged Congress to approve TPP before the end of January. However, the ruling and opposition parties in opposition are very strong, has not come up with the approved schedule. (source: Nikkei Chinese network) U.S. President Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: