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IPhone7 said the details of pig teammates leak a shortage of supply or demand of science and technology science and technology Sohu – Sohu king Xue Ying with September approaching, the iPhone 7 rumors rampant, but this time Apple sold is not others, it is "good guys". When to sell? Recently net exposure news, iPhone 7 officially released in September 7th September 8th, the opening of the world price, September 9th started to accept reservations, starting in September 16th a week (as of September 23rd) for consumers scheduled delivery time. This news is basically consistent with the content of the previous network pass. In fact, Apple was the U.S. operator AT& T oversight, the "stamp confirmed" beauty version of iPhone 7 will be on September 9th to accept an appointment, in September 23rd officially listed. However, this is not what, according to user news, iPhone 7 will not only have a higher level of waterproof performance, but also the battery life is longer". In addition to deep space blue had said was confirmed, including "cancel the headset interface, support wireless charging" and "32GB ROM" and "rear dual 12 million pixel camera, a number of" hearsay "is confirmed, and the controversial upgrade is officially, the main hero is China Telecom. It is reported that the Chinese operators early exposure of Apple’s new product is not the first time, in the opening of the appointment iPhone 7 interface, China Telecom directly dumped a few major updates iPhone 7. Back, iPhone 6 for Chinese operators to engage in such a "pre-sale", willing to take a NDA security protocol to snatch users through this kind of behavior. As a result? Mainland China canceled iPhone 6 global sync starter. Can you have so much confidence to cancel China starting? Can you keep up with the goods? Net exposure data to those on the iPhone obsession buddy can finally be assured to buy, but the bad news is followed: according to Japan’s Economic News quoted informed sources said, in view of the new iPhone appeared in parts of the problem of low yield, do not rule out the new mobile phone demand, or even delay. In this regard, Credit Suisse analyst in Taiwan Pauline Chen also said that iPhone 7 sales will not be too low. At the same time, yuan investment consulting analyst Jeff Pu has predicted that this year Apple or reduce the sale volume of new mobile phone, reducing the total number of 10 million in 2015 on the basis of, and this will undoubtedly lead to more serious shortage.相关的主题文章: