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IPhone 7 the first week sales report: 128GB version of the old user to purchase the main hot Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, according to the famous American investment bank (Piper Jaffray)’s investigation report before the date given shows that the vast majority of consumers are choosing iPhone 7 128GB memory version, but many buyers are in fact the old users of Apple really, from the Android camp to come the proportion of users is very low. It is reported that this is the Paget’s 83 consumers queuing up to buy iPhone 7 was investigated after the preliminary report. The company found that 54% of the line users want to buy iPhone7, while another person is more inclined to buy iPhone 7 Plus, which is almost the same as the iPhone and iPhone 6S release. At the same time, the majority of users queuing to buy iPhone 7 tend to choose the 128GB version, rather than the latest version of the 256BG. Piper Jaffray believes that this may present with 5.5 inch iPhone7 Plus models in many retail store inventory is still very limited is closely related, because the general consumers for the larger screen mobile phone to choose a greater storage capacity version. The report shows that, up to 98% of iPhone 7 buyers had already had a iPhone, only 2% of users are from the Android camp to come. But in the iPhone6S when released, up to 12% of the buyers come from the Android camp to. The new year plan iPhone Hwan launched the first in the United States in 2015 "(iPhone Upgrade Program) to iPhone7 first attracted many consumers’ attention, because 34% of the respondents said they would use the plan to buy a new machine. Specifically, this plan encourages users to switch to a new version of the new version of the iPhone without lock, and equipped with Apple Care+ service. In 10-13 months after the purchase, Apple will recycle the hands of users of the old iPhone at half price, and converted to the purchase of new machine vouchers, and the difference can be up on the new mobile phone to provide users with a new iPhone. Paget’s data show that the current iPhone in the United States sales of 25% retail stores based on the contributions of the 25% and 9% of consumers in exchange for a new machine through the "iPhone year refresh program" way. At the same time, Paget’s famous apple analyst gene Munster said, New York is located in the Fifth Avenue Apple’s flagship store in the apple iPhone7 sale day only 400 people waiting in line with the previous huge crowds of people queuing scene be quite different. Moreover, the size of only 400 people waiting team also hit a new low since Apple launched iPhone3GS in 2009. "We expect that this year, New York Fifth Avenue Apple flagship store waiting outside iPhone.相关的主题文章: