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In addition to the four tea factory, Yunnan tea factory in what state? Sohu and review: the article, "the Yunnan four big state-owned tea, which tea do you love most? "The author, and share in Kunming, Menghai, Pu’er tea Shimonoseki, four. In the era of the planned economy, Yunnan’s state-run Tea Factory in addition to Kunming, Menghai, Pu’er tea Shimonoseki, four, there are many provincial and local tea factory. I recently collected some four tea factories outside the state-owned tea factory information, to share with you friends Pu’er Tea. The author’s level and ability is limited, can not be the state-owned tea factory data collection is complete, the inevitable mistakes, if you have tea related information can be provided to the study, the author will be appreciated. First, the state-owned enterprises — There remained but a single one. Pu’er Tea Bajiaoting Tea South Menghai Agribusiness Group Bajiaoting tea industry limited company (hereinafter referred to as Bajiaoting tea, tea factory is located in the original dawn), Pu’er Tea the core region of Yunnan Dai Nationality Autonomous Prefecture of Xishuangbanna province Menghai County Mengzhe Town, belonging to the Yunnan land reclamation rate of Refco Group Ltd Bajiaoting brands and Yunnan Menghai Agribusiness Group 1.80 Pavilion Tea Co. Ltd, as the state-owned property, at present by the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government of state-owned assets supervision and management committee. Octagonal tea originally dawn United agribusiness companies (dawn farm) under the tea processing group, began in 1964, engaged in tea product development and production of more than fifty years, completed in 1984 the standard chemical plant, two 00 year production Pu’er Tea. Octagonal pavilion tea is one of the oldest tea enterprises in China, and also the only state-owned enterprise in Yunnan Pu’er tea industry. In April 15, 1955 the formal establishment of state-owned farm belongs to dawn, the nature of the army. At the beginning of March 1957, under the Yunnan State Farm Land Reclamation Bureau leader dawn. February 25, 1970, according to the Central Military Commission in October 1, 1969 instructions for the formation of the PLA Yunnan production and Construction Corps division five regiment. State Liming farm changed to five regiment of Yunnan production and construction corps. In September 1974, according to the Yunnan production and Construction Corps (1974) Notice No. 81 document, the revocation of Yunnan production and Construction Corps five group designation, to restore its original state Title dawn farm. Liming farm decided in 1979: "the tea industry as the following" glue, sugar, grain, "the main development of economic projects". In January 10, 1980, according to the spirit of the higher state farm was renamed dawn dawn United agribusiness companies in Yunnan province so far. Established in 1982, a refined processing plant, and officially started production in July. Since then, the end of a long history of primary sales of raw materials alone. The small refined processing, with its own tea as raw materials for processing, production of different specifications of the finished tea. In October 1986, Yunnan Province dawn agribusiness joint company (hereinafter referred to as the dawn of the completion of tea tea). Until 2000, during the 15 years since then, the main products of the Yunnan green tea dawn "and" Dianhong "(red tea, black tea). 1998 Yunnan Nongken Refco Group Ltd to the State Trademark Bureau officially filed for registration of the trademark "octagonal pavilion", and "相关的主题文章: