Hurun alumni list of 5 universities in Nanjing special report-running man 20130908

Hurun Alumni Association in 5 universities in Nanjing on the list of special report yesterday, the first "2016 Hurun Report Research Institute Alumni Association special report", there are 66 domestic colleges and universities have at least 2 alumni boarded the Hurun Report this year, the University ranked first with 38 people, 15 people of Nanjing University ranked sixth. A large part of China’s young generation entrepreneurs will come from the domestic elite, elite give these people the ability to innovate and resources." Hu Run said. Yangzi Evening News reporter Ma Yan Zhejiang 38 people on the list is ranked first, the Hurun research institute only investigated the entrepreneurs have full-time undergraduate and postgraduate degree, doctor, does not contain EMBA, business schools and other education short courses. Yangzi Evening News reporter saw in the "special report" Alumni Association, Zhejiang University ranked first with 38 people, 26 people in Beijing University ranked second, with 22 people in Tsinghua ranked third, Nanjing University in 15 was sixth. Zhejiang to the first row, a lot of people in the contrary to expectation." Hu Run said, "but in the rich list, is the largest number of zhejiang." Interestingly, in the rich list, charity top billionaires, but not necessarily from the university. For example, the charity’s list of top fourth richest man Wang Jianlin graduated from the Liaoning University — the school ranked thirty-third with 4 people; second, last year’s list of top philanthropist Ma graduated from Hangzhou Normal University, the school did not list the "alumni" special report; third, this year’s list of top philanthropist Ma Huateng graduated from Shenzhen University in 6, deep people’s list of fourth ranked eighteenth; Yao Zhenhua graduated from the South China University of Technology, China ranked seventh to 12 people; fifth of the rich list, Zong is self college graduation; Sixth’s list of Ding Lei graduated from the University of Electronic Science and technology, Electronic Science in 5 ranked twenty-third. According to statistics, more than 2000 on this year’s Hurun assets reached 2 billion and more than half of the entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs have no full-time undergraduate or graduate degree. Beijing list of colleges and universities up to 66 of the list of schools in Beijing up to, there are 13; followed by Shanghai, there are 7; once again, Guangzhou and Nanjing, respectively, there are only 1, only. In addition to the Nanjing University, the list of the other 4 colleges and universities in Nanjing are Southeast University (8 people on the list), Nanjing University of Science and Technology (6 list), Nanjing Normal University (3 list) and the Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications (3 list). Hu Run said: "the world’s most innovative cities rely on a number of elite, such as Silicon Valley, the." 60 entrepreneurs graduated from overseas schools, of which the largest number of schools in the United States, accounting for half (31); followed by Australia, there are 9; once again, Canada, there are more than 7. Hu Run said: the proportion of overseas graduates on the list of entrepreneurs higher than I thought. I predict that 20 years after the Peregrine list, the International University of the proportion of entrepreneurs should be a breakthrough 20%, but most of the domestic entrepreneurs or graduate." According to the "20 billion 160 million rich brand tendency report", the Chinese entrepreneurs of the 90% want to send their children to study abroad, especially to the United states.相关的主题文章: