Hubei Wuhan a poison bun shop owner was arrested inside Al – Beijing buns tianbi

Hubei Wuhan a "poison bun" shop owner was arrested inside the Al – Beijing Gerrard newspaper news (reporter Zhou Jingjing correspondent Yang Guoxiao Lu Xin) have soft drinks and delicious steamed stuffed bun sell was aluminum poison steamed stuffed bun ", eating more will cause memory loss, mental decline, lead to osteoporosis and other diseases. Recently, a district of Hubei city of Wuhan province Hanyang soda baozi inn boss because production of aluminum poison steamed stuffed bun "has been Procuratorate approved the arrest. In June this year, Hanyang District food and drug administration law enforcement officers according to the masses, to Xu, Sohn run by a husband and wife soda baozi Inn were examined, the scene seized sweet baking powder (containing aluminum potassium sulfate 47%) 1 cases of zero 4 bags (total 2.52 kg). After testing, the steamed stuffed bun homemade letinous edodes glutinous stuffed buns stuffed with aluminum content of 179 mg kg, seriously overweight. The investigation, Xu, Sohn couple since January 2015 in the Rose Street Hanyang district to operate the "old Hankou" soda baozi Inn, containing potassium aluminum sulfate baking powder production and sales of steamed stuffed bun, in violation of the "wheat flour and its products (except fried pasta, batter, breaded, fried flour) may not be used in the production of aluminum potassium sulfate ammonium aluminum sulfate and" the provisions of the state, their behavior has been suspected of production, sales do not meet food safety standards crime. According to prosecutors, the use of aluminum containing baking baking powder not only faster, making dumplings time-saving, and steamed buns sold appearance, surface quality is more soft and delicious. But the long-term excessive intake of aluminum will damage the bones and nervous system health, easily lead to memory loss and mental decline caused by osteoporosis and other diseases, therefore the State Planning Commission and other 5 departments jointly issued clear provisions of food may not detect residual aluminum.相关的主题文章: