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Business A good knowledge of one or more languages can provide you a wide range of career options. You can work as a language translator , interpreter, language teacher and linguist. There are many sought after jobs that require a .bination of language with other skills. Although the terms interpreting and translating are used interchangeably, these professions are different. The skills, talents and training required for each profession varies significantly. The main work of the translator is to transform the written material from one language into another. The written material may include business reports, product manuals, websites, legal documents, song lyrics and literature. To be.e a translator, you need to write and express yourself well in the target language. You need to have an excellent understanding of the source language as well as the culture of people who speak it. Language interpreters work with spoken or sign .munication to convert it into the target language. There are two kinds of interpreting. One is simultaneous interpreting which requires the interpreter to listen and speak at the same time. While other is consecutive interpreting which begins only after the speaker has concluded. They must have a sufficient .mand of both the native and the target language. They ought to have good concentration power and knowledge of the subject as well. Another interesting profession is to be.e a language teacher. Here, you can teach your language to speakers of other language or teach a foreign language to those who share your native language. A language teacher can work in a range of educational establishments. To get into this profession, you would have to acquire a related diploma, degree or certificate. Linguistics is also an admirable option where you can study the language scientifically. A linguist can work for high tech .panies, consulting firms, educational and research institutions. A .bination of linguistic talent along with medical knowledge and training gives rise to an eminent profession named medical translation . It relates to the translation of medical documentation. Language skill has proved to be a powerful attribute in all arenas. It provides an adequate opportunity to develop good relations and earn enormous profits. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: