How To How To Revive An 18v Drill

Test your dead cordless drill battery pack using the volt meter to verify which lead in your battery case is negative and which is positive. Clearly mark which point is positive and which is negative on the battery case to ease the difficulty of later reassembly. Use a small screwdriver to open the drill battery case. Watch out for the spring inside of the case because it tends to pop out and can easily get lost. Save the screws and spring by placing them in a small container. Remove the battery cells from within the bottom of the drill casing. These will come out as one unit as they are banded or shrink-wrapped together. Locate the point where the wires run from the terminal piece down through the silver cardboard insulator. The terminal piece should be black or silver and located on top of the silver cardboard insulation, with the Bosch GSB 36 V-Li batteries beneath the cardboard. Mark the silver cardboard insulator at the exact point where the wires pass through the silver cardboard insulation. Again, this will make it easier to reassemble. Note the exposed metal band on the side of the battery pack. It is important to insulate this band with electrical tape prior to starting the process. This metal piece will be hot during the reconditioning process and insulating it with electrical tape will protect you from injury. Remove the silver insulation piece that covers the top of the rechargeable battery cells. Place this piece aside to be used in reassembly. Remove any plastic covering from the top section of the Makita 1822 battery pack so you can access both the the top and bottom of the rechargeable battery leads. Turn on the volt meter and set it to a reading of two volts. Check each individual battery cell and mark each battery cell that gives a reading of zero or negative. These will be the cells that will need to be reconditioned. Prepare your external 12-volt power source, including alligator clamps, for the reconditioning process. Protect your hands, eyes and skin with protective clothing and safety gear during this potentially hazardous process. Locate the positive and negative ends of the first battery to be reconditioned. The positive end will be raised and the negative ends will be flat. From the 12-volt source, hold the black alligator clamp to the negative end of the battery and the red alligator clamp to the positive end for two seconds. Reassemble the battery pack. There is no need to separate each individual rechargeable battery cell from the pack during the zapping process. About the Author: We are a manufacturer representative and distributor of replacement laptop batteries, camcorder batteries, digital camera batteries, power tools batteries, external batteries, PDA batteries, laptop AC adapters, auto (car) adapters, mobile phone batteries, two-way radio batteries, iPod accessories, battery chargers, memory cards, GPS equipment batteries and other accessories. We buy in bulk and pass on savings to the customers. We have over 10,000 products of batteries in stock and offer the bes Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – .puters-and-Technology 相关的主题文章: