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UnCategorized With the average UK dress size a size 16, and growing, I’ll be taking a look at the change in availability of plus size ladies clothing and how to shop for the best fashion for a fuller figure. High street shopping as it used to be Several years ago, the sizes available in ladies clothing shops on the UK high street were very limited. Most of the large department stores and chains would offer their main ranges up to a size 16 or 18 but with a very limited choice in size 20 or above. As you can imagine, this made for a very frustrating shopping experience for many women. Plus size fashion was available through specialist retailers only but often this left much to be desired in the fashionability stakes. Or, if it was up to date, the choice required to give women a satisfying shopping experience was simply not there. The turning tide in plus size recognition Although some younger fashion stores continue to ignore the potential of the plus size market, fearing unreasonably that it will somehow ‘damage’ their brand, today more and more high street stores are recognising the need for curvy clothing in one of two ways; either with their own specialist plus size clothing range or by extending the size range of their clothing collections. With the average dress size on the increase, this makes perfect sense. Whilst this is great news for fuller figured women who want more choice on the high street, both types of offering have their problems. Many women can feel a little ostracised when shopping from a plus size range in a non plus size store, as the department is clearly labelled with the size range and is often moved to more inconvenient parts of the shop such as on a separate floor. Also, the fashion in these ranges often ‘plays it safe’, with more conservative styles that retailers expect to sell well rather than the latest fashion trends for women who want to look up-to-the-minute that are available in the rest of the store. Extending the size range of an existing clothing collection has the benefit of giving a more integrated shopping experience, with fuller figure women no longer relegated to a separate part of the shop. However, the sizes offered rarely go much above a size 22 or 24, which can be disappointing. Another problem is the cut of the clothes. Offering clothing in bigger sizes is not just a matter of sizing up in all dimensions, which is something that not all retailers understand. Plus size fashion needs to be cut differently in order to allow for a fuller bust and fuller arms, without losing its shape and an unflattering tent! This is why if you want a flattering fit, it makes sense to turn to a plus size specialist. The rise of internet shopping Although there are a small number of plus size specialists on the high street, the Internet is where plus size fashion really .es into its own. Many plus size retailers have been offering great fitting, fashionable ladies’ clothing online for years, and with consumer confidence in online shopping continually increasing, these retailers are going from strength to strength. Not only do they offer a much bigger size range, with styles available up to 32, 34, 36 and 38 but they have a much broader choice of styles too. Whether you prefer classic dressing or want to wear all the latest fashion trends, you’ll be able to find it in your size online. What’s more, you know that the clothes have been cut specifically for fuller figure women so you can be sure of a flattering fit that will work with your curves. Many women also prefer the convenience of home shopping as it allows them to try items on in the .fort of their own home, try on their pieces with other items from their wardrobe and avoid the hassles of the high street altogether. So if you’re looking to find the best that plus size fashion has to offer, and still feel frustrated by the availability on the high street, online shopping is definitely the solution. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: