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Quit-Smoking Are you having trouble quitting smoking? Try out Electronic Cigarettes (also popularly known as Ecigs). Buy an electronic cigarettes start pack today and see the difference in your smoking habit. Ecigs are the electronic version of normal cigarettes, except that they do not produce the smoke or pollution generally seen when smoking traditional cigarettes. An electronic cigarette is made up of three parts an atomizer, battery and a cartridge. The devices lithium battery is used to power the electronic circuitry which heats up the nicotine solution to produce the nicotine vapor that is inhaled when you draw on the device. You might wonder if it is really worth to buy electronic cigarettes and do they really help quit smoking. Dont worry folks! We are here to help you and explain what they are and how they can help you in this article. Those who have used electronic cigarettes report on its effectiveness in curbing the habit. They do not feel like taking up a real cigarette again for smoking, neither do they want to smoke as often as they used to, when they were using their favorite traditional cigarette brands. Here is a look at the benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes: They are easy-to-use. Just press a button to activate the device. In automatic e-cigarettes you have to merely inhale to begin using the device. They do not cause bad breath or stain your fingers and teeth since there is no real tobacco used in the device, just a nicotine capsule. They do not contain tar, carbon monoxide or toxins found in traditional cigarettes Since they do not give off smoke, you can use it around your friend or love ones without worrying if they are being disturbed by the smoke You have the option of choosing from different levels of nicotine, which can be high, medium or low. They are easily available and you can find them in night-clubs, airports, offices, hotels, movie theatres, conference rooms, and so on You do not need a lighter or an ashtray when using them. They are also non-flammable and they do not cause any burning. In sum, electronic cigarette look like traditional cigarettes, feel like them and also give the same sense of satisfaction as they do, except they do not contain the toxins or tar found in traditional cigarettes. E-liquid solutions used in electronic cigarettes are available with the same flavoring as your favorite cigarette brand. They are also available in other flavorings such as cherry, mint, caramel, chocolate and so on. About the Author: Useful Tips For Cloud Chasing Vaping Sport By: Leo Zackerman – Cloud chasing is a .petitive vaping sport that has gained huge popularity. Read this article to know useful tips for vapers who want to produce massive vapor clouds with their electronic cigarette pens. 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