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"Home" to make Hainan Li fine art promotion of ethnic culture "at the table and dance, and cultural heritage show works, I think I and Li people from a near many." September 2nd "home" in the dance poem Li Beijing Tianqiao theater audience, Mr. Hu said. The source of life and culture in the Li graceful dance, music, close to the life of Li Li plot, dreamy tropical rainforest choreography, creative fashion design…… It can be said that every detail of the poem "Song Li home" are full of deep Li wind". From the beginning of the repertoire of the initial creation, creative staff firmly as far as possible reduction, close to the true life of li. To this end, they went to the white sands, in the creation of many times during the Baoting Li nationality folk songs. "To the clothing design as an example, we read a lot of literature and on-the-spot survey data, found that Li people seldom wear trousers, our clothing is based on the characteristics of the design. So in the stage, the audience can hardly see actors wearing trousers." Haikou City Performing Arts Company Limited (Haikou art group) chairman and artistic director, large original dance poem "Li home" chief Mongolia Luguang introduction. A song and dance poetry, not only to allow the audience to feel the high quality of Hainan literature and art, but also to understand the cultural charm of Hainan minority. The Fifth National Ethnic Arts Festival in Hainan province delegation secretary general, provincial people were deputy director Li Caiwang said: "Li" home "won the gold medal to inspire the broad masses of the workers dig Hainan minority cultural essence, the creation of more outstanding works, promote ethnic arts development in our province." "The home" the province is also a stage boutique repertoire, Liu Xi deputy director of the office of the Provincial Style "home" Li said: "let us once again to see Hainan has a rich cultural and artistic resources and produce outstanding literary works of fertile land, also let us once again feel the majority of artists in Hainan mining fighting culture resources, creation with the efforts of fine art." "Home" Beijing Li enthusiastic response performance to the impressive Liu Xi, "we can expect that the majority of artists rooted in Hainan local, in the organic combination of rich traditional culture and modern art means, there will be more of the emergence of fine art."相关的主题文章: