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Arts-and-Entertainment Jewellery is a clear cut term that delineates a decorative adornment on the body. It includes rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, tiaras and many other adornments. Jewellery has been used in each civilization passim history and in bigeminal dissimilar ways. Today, in our culture, jewellery serves mostly as an artistic intention. Jewellery is used to interpret sociable or official grade, rank, marital status, age and tribal kinship. In early ages, jewellery was also served as religious, political and societal affiliation. The first use of jewellery was to show and express religious affiliation. The following are the prominent cultures and civilizations that began the use of jewellery as pious and Religious jewellery. In Ancient Egypt, Egyptian Religious Jewellery was much emblematic a symbolic. Lotus, serpent, falcon, scarab (beetle) and the eye are some common symbols in Ancient Egyptian Religious jewellery. The Eye of the Horus is symbol of healing while scarab is a symbol for Christ=s resurrection and good luck. Ankh is also called the common symbol of the time which means to represent and express everlasting life. Religious jewellery was excessive because it consist of gold and semi-precious gemstones while men and women were worn similar type of jewellery. In the Roman period, cheaper materials were used to make Egyptian religious jewellery and Christian symbols were commonly used. Men were disallowed to wear gold jewellery after arriving Islam in Egypt and silver jewellery gained much popularity in religious jewellery. These days, pious jewellery is still broadly wear in Egypt, but does not have the same lavishness as the Ancient Egyptian religious jewellery. Religious Jewellery also gained much popularity in Roman Empire. When St. Constantine ruled the Roman Empire, architecture and art flourished and various popular symbols were invented that are still commonly used in Christian jewellery. The cross, Christian fish charm and the rosary are the common symbols. The cross is a symbol of Christ=s suffering. Rosary beads are symbolized as prayer beads which officially adopted in 1520 by catholic roman churches. In Islam and Buddhism rosary beads are also used. The Christian fish charm is also popular but not more than other symbols. This symbol gained less popularity in persecuted Christians. Religious jewellery is considered as a symbol of nature in Native Americans and played very important role in religious ceremonies as well as represented status. Natural materials like feathers, turquoise, minerals and silver were used in their jewellery. The people wore specific types of religious jewellery that were the right color and materials, and representing the right and accurate symbol according to the event during harvest rituals and healing ceremonies. Native American religious jewellery was usually offered to woman after her first menses and to newly married couple. Religious jewellery played a substantial role in Native American community. Today jewellery is considered as an adornment of decoration we even absolutely forget the roots and purposes of jewellery. If we throw light in some major and prominent cultures, we shall come to know its right purpose. It has actually a deeper and inner faithful spiritual meaning. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: