Henan lad had died on the way to work colleagues invested 50 thousand for witnesses-nrf905

Henan lad had died on the way to work colleagues to find witnesses funded 50 thousand Tianjin North news: 5 days at 7:10 PM, the day of the castle, the city issued a heavy pollution weather orange signal warning. Although the outside visibility is very low, the 22 year old Henan lad Guo Fuqiang still went to work as usual, unfortunately in the way it happened, when he was passing through the harbor high speed one kilometer distance from the outer ring of the direction of riding the electric car, a car Zhuangfei, after the hospital died. Less than two minutes what happened according to Guo Fuqiang’s colleague Mr. Zhou introduced, Guo Fuqiang was the partner and electric car ride to work, just in the distance in the tens of meters away met lights turned red, because Guo Fuqiang ride faster, after crossing the advance, with slow step, in situ lights but after two minutes. As with bicycle to the incident, Guo Fuqiang has even with the car down to the ground, the vehicle remain unconscious, already disappear without a trace. Later peer alarm, Guo Fuqiang was rushed to hospital, but because of the injury is too heavy, eventually died. Guo Fuqiang is only 22 years old this year, Tianjin to work more than four years, in the decoration industry, who work very hard, earned most of the money is sent home to parents to relieve the burden, his sudden death, so the family can not accept. His mother heard news fainted several times, can not accept the reality, the body can not afford in the hospital. I hope the driver of conscience and Mr. Zhou said that the haze is very serious, the visibility is very low, the incident happens, road construction was originally four lane to three lane, also set up the construction of baffle, the driver butt may hold fluky psychology, think the fog did not see the incident, then fled the scene. Usually, they have a good relationship with a few colleagues and Guo Fuqiang, so he invested 50 thousand yuan, looking for witnesses. These two days, they forwarded by micro-blog, WeChat circle of friends reward information, and posted a notice in the vicinity of the incident, but there is no effective clues. Currently learned from the traffic police department, the accident may be a car, but the specific situation is still under investigation. Zhou hope witnesses can call 13820662796 to provide clues, but also hope that the driver can conscience found himself stand up to assume responsibility. (Northern editor Hou Jing)相关的主题文章: