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The hedgehog alopecia spines scanty or because of pressure caused by doctors said the original title: a British hedgehog spines or scanty alopecia caused by pressure according to the British "mirror" reported on February 4th, a British hedgehog child was due to trauma, and because of pressure induced alopecia, upper and lower body spines There is not much left. caused. Wide attention. It is reported that the hedgehog named Derek (Derek), body There is not much left. cannot protect their spines. Linney Jana (Lynne Garner) has been helping to treat Derek so that it can return to nature as soon as possible. This hedgehog is smaller than a hamster, and there is a wound on it. It may have been picked by birds. At first it was thought that Derek had Xian skin disease, but was eventually diagnosed as veterinary pressure induced alopecia. Linney said: "I take care of all kinds of hedgehogs, 25 years have not encountered such a situation."." Because of the wound infection, the vets cleaned Derek first. In order to slow down the pressure, it needs a bigger and warmer place. Finally, a local volunteer, Monique Blackford Blackford (Monique), adopted it and took care of it. Hopefully, two months later, Derek will be able to slow down the pressure and return to nature. (source: Xinhua) editor in chief: Zhang Chun SN182

刺猬患秃头症体刺寥寥无几 医生称或因压力所致   原标题:英国一刺猬患秃头症体刺寥寥无几 或由于压力导致   据英国《镜报》2月4日报道,英国一只刺猬由于小时候身受外伤,加之由于压力导致的秃头症,全身上下的体刺所剩无几,引起广泛关注。   据悉,该刺猬叫德里克(Derek),身上体刺所剩无几,不能保护自 己。琳妮 加纳(Lynne Garner)一直帮助治疗德里克,好让它早日回归自然。这只刺猬比仓鼠还要小,身上还有伤口,可能是被鸟类啄食造成的。起初人们认为德里克患有廯类皮肤 病,但最终被兽医确诊为由于压力导致的秃头症。   琳妮说:“我照顾各种刺猬25年来都没有遇到这种情况。”由于伤口感 染,兽医们先对德里克进行了清理。为了减缓压力,它需要一个更大更暖和的地方。最终当地的一名志愿者莫妮可 布莱克福德(Monique Blackford)收养了它,对其悉心照料。希望两个月后德里克能减缓压力,回归自然。(来源:新华网) 责任编辑:张淳 SN182相关的主题文章: