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Hebei’s first subway train to dynamic adjustment of the internal structure is very representative of the public to visit the subway – human nature. Newspaper reporter Qie Lei photo (reporter Feng Yuejing), the provincial capital of the first subway train atmosphere, novel, user-friendly, very good! Looking forward to the day when the subway train was officially opened to traffic!" Yesterday, said with emotion, has won the national title of the "most beautiful volunteers" 82 year old Guo Dejiang boarded the first subway train after the capital. Yesterday, the 30 public stone city Orbital Corporation organization boarded the subway train, feeling the first subway train test line in the capital of adjustable charm. Yesterday at 9:30 pm, 30 representatives of the public to the comprehensive maintenance base at West trillion in the use of the library, parked two subway trains, line a line 3 subway train, line a line 1 subway train. Members of the public on the subway line 3 train, listen carefully to the explanation of the instructors in the car feel here, touch there, the total is not enough. 10:15 Xu, driven by the traction locomotive, the public began to try the subway line 1 subway train line. "I am a railway man, the first subway train opened in Beijing, I have sat." Guo Dejiang on behalf of the people sitting in the subway train, beaming with pride, "our village this subway appearance of atmospheric novel, the internal structure is very humane, such as heating equipment under your seat and in the winter is not cold; the subway train door is also a lot of passengers will not be crowded…… I look forward to the day when the subway train is open to traffic!" Stone city, Orbital Corporation official said, at present, Metro Line 1 and line 3, a total of 6 subway trains to reach the stone city. There are two trains in the static adjustment, the two trains in the dynamic adjustment, as well as the beginning of the two train commissioning. Static adjustment of subway train has been in the stationary state to accept the "examination", by checking the "function" of all standards, will be sent on the test line "test run" accept "physical examination" in the state of motion, this process is called "dynamic adjustment". EMU debugging, it is the train into the tunnel back and forth sports cars, vehicles, shielding doors, signals, etc.. The purpose of the EMU debugging is to find and solve the problems before the operation of the subway line. The capital of Metro first project will be composed of 33 lines of electric bus operation, the Metro Line 1 in the 25 column of electric bus, the first section of the Metro Line 3 8 electric buses, before the end of the year, the 33 listed electric bus will be fully in place, and to conduct a comprehensive debugging. At the end of June 2017 will achieve the passenger test operation. (Shijiazhuang News Network)相关的主题文章: