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[happiness] a bowl of carrot and egg noodles – Sohu family birthday, aunt will prepare us for her good longevity. Aunt noodles is the local longevity she brought from Jieyang. It used to cook soup, it is conventional to cook is good, but if it is used to choose steamed to Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables, the longevity noodles, and then pour a little oil, then spread out and set aside. The face of this treatment, easy to cook non stick pot, taste is excellent. The last time my eldest aunt steamed, then she will give me a big bag, I want to eat cold food to eat. Today is a carrot with fried egg so Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables, at home there is a point I also lost celery on the inside, don’t care about their own family to eat a mix. I can not see the remnants of the left, can use it, it is a waste of rich food. Fried like this, I generally do not have a shovel, pick a pair of chopsticks with two mix, very labor-saving and this way out of plane is very loose, send first love can refer to, not do not necessarily add celery, into more fragrant scallion. Preparation: half a carrot, celery amount (for onion better), 3 egg, cooked noodles 1 practice: one: prepare the materials used, the pot gas will be under the pan to the egg freezing. Two: beat the eggs into the noodles, then add carrots and celery. Three: choose to mix noodles add heated fine salt and cooking wine, stir fry until cooked food can taste.相关的主题文章: