Great Replacement Battery For Samsung Galaxy Note Gt-n7000

Mobile-Cell-Phone Samsungs become one of the most interesting smart phone firms, and its Galaxy handsets have won deserved applause not least our coveted Best mobile phone in the world award. It has launched its newest productthe Samsung galaxy note GT-N7000 i9220 for a few days. 2600mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 i9220 We always came across a problemthat is the mobile powered off when traveling or out for business. It is clear that most of the web pages are predominantly white, the 5.3 screen turned into a power-leeching beast thats hard to feed. A spare battery for the note i9220 is urgently needed. However, as for most of the batteries, we are not sure about its quality, how about the Samsung i9220 note? A recent investigation will tell us the result. The GALAXY Note provides you with the ability to freely capture and create ideas anywhere and everywhere. The S Pen is combined with the full touch screen to create a best-in-class mobile input experience. It is the most advanced pen input technology featuring an array of functions including pressure sensitivity, preciseness, speed and more. With the S Pen, you can easily sketch drawings or write notes with increased accuracy and ease. Also, the S Pen functionality is deeply integrated into the GALAXY Notes native applications to provide a richer interactive experience. Traditionally, we start with the talk-time test. The Samsung Galaxy Note turned out the best performer of the three handsets we have seen here, surviving an unthinkable 12 hours and 47 minutes of3Gtalk time on a single charge. The result wasnt that surprising though with the screen turned off, the power consumption of the Galaxy Note isnt higher than that of the average smart phone, but the battery is much larger here. Next is the web browsing test, which was the stage of the Galaxy Notes worst performance. The Note managed just 3 hours and 35 minutes of continuous browsing. Finally, and most importantly the Samsung Galaxy Note got an endurance rating of 39, which means that you will have to be plug it in every 39 hours if you do 1 hour of using the stock web browser,3Gcalls and video playback every day. Conclusion: As a direct result, the Samsung Galaxy Notes performance in our test was quite unusual. While it got a monstrous score on the telephony part, its web browsing endurance were quite disappointing. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. Keep a spare battery at home, in the office or while traveling so you will never miss that important call. This Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 i9220 battery is the best replacement to give you extra power. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: