Google maps launched OK Google hands-free navigation function

Google maps launched "OK Google TNW" hands-free navigation function Chinese station reported on September 30th Google (micro-blog) this week quietly upgraded Google map application Android platform, support the highly new feature "looking OK Google voice command. This means that if you need to send voice commands when driving, the user does not need to click on the microphone button. After the upgrade, users only need to say the voice command "OK Google", then use more voice commands to navigation, including setting a new destination, search for alternative routes, and modify the pilot set etc.. In addition, users can also ask questions to Google maps, while you do not need to see the smart phone screen can know the answer, for example, whether the traffic ahead congestion or where the next corner". Google maps speech recognition function is very powerful. Google provides a list of questions to help users understand these features. This list is as follows: – Show path overview (or optional route). What’s this way? How long will it take to arrive? Navigate home (or navigate to Starbucks). What’s the weather like? – help me find a gas station. – where is the nearest hotel? – looking for a place to eat. Some users reported that after the upgrade, "OK Google" command is not activated by default. If you encounter such a problem, then you can set the menu to open the "OK Google detection" function. (compiled by Li Wei) [U.S. The Next Web works related to the rights and interests of Chinese exclusive Tencent Inc. Without authorization, shall not be reproduced excerpts, etc.. ]相关的主题文章: