Gmail A Well Known Email

Software Gmail is a well known email service Google. It was initially launched as Google Mail in the year 2004. Today, it has be.e one of the most popular email services adopted by most users the world. It was launched on April Fools Day and so there was a lot of skepticism about it. The account was the idea of Paul Buchheit. He was an employee of Google and he worked on the development of the idea for several years before Gmail was announced as the email service provider. The services of Gmail were initially launched only the employees of Google. It was the internal .munication medium. Once it was successful with the employees, about 1,000 friends, families, and other acquaintances were invited to the services of this boon. This was known as the beta testing phase of the newly found google account. It began on March 21, 2004. Some users of Blogger.. were invited to test Gmail. They were allowed to send invites to their friends and families to use it. There was another round of invites a few days later. In this manner more and more people joined the network of Gmail. The email services offered by it soon became popular. Gmail also worked towards making it more user-friendly. Now, the existing users of Gmail could send invites to many people at the same time by merely entering the email address. After .pleting one year of operations, Gmail announced the increase in the space for users. It began giving its users a mailbox space of 2GB. The increased space was advertised as 2GB plus. Soon after, Gmail faced one of its major problems when it came to light that the hackers could read the personal mails of the users. It was a major security fail. The developers at Gmail soon fixed the problem and the services of it announced to be safe from the hackers. With the passage of time, Gmail adopted many languages and today it is available to users in multiple languages. The .pany has been adding more and more features to make the services more user-friendly. The .pany introduced the delete button on the menu bar in 2006. Chats made the services even more popular. The users of Gmail were enabled to save their chats and also get a contact lists when they logged into their accounts. Its services have be.e so user-friendly that today a person having does not need to even look at other email service providers. Some of the most popular services of it include the calendar and the Google Docs and spreadsheets. These features allowed the users of Gmail to open the MS Word documents and spreadsheets directly from account. Recently, it has also included the feature of a to-do list that allows the users to maintain a list of the tasks. There is a Tasks button provided at the top. The users are enabled to even convert their emails into the tasks. With so many services and features, Gmail has been very successful in carving its own niche in a very short period. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: