Global free Internet is not a dream! 23 operators jointly push free public WiFi (video) minmi

Global free Internet is not a dream! 23 operators jointly push free public WiFi soon after, travel abroad will be able to save the rent WiFi this thing, and this is true? Recently, the wireless broadband Alliance (Wireless Broadband Alliance) has launched a "WiFi City roaming plan" in the world, the plan currently consists of 23 telecom operators jointly deployed in more than one city in the world for its users to provide free public WiFi roaming. "The first phase of the pilot city WIFI roaming plan" initiative, the public WiFi cyber source will integrate New York, Barcelona, Dublin, Singapore, San Francisco and San jose. As of now, the global telecom giants in the program include at & T, British Telecom, China Mobile (micro-blog), NTT, DoCoMo, Orange, Korea Telecom, Hongkong Telecom, SK Telecom, Sprint, Swiss Telecom, Telecom New Zealand, Australia, Telus and T-Mobile Telecom USA. In August 22nd this year, the Singapore Communications Development Authority (IDA) has issued a statement, announced the cooperation with the U.S. communications provider T-mobile, jointly launched the two countries to benefit users of public areas free WiFi hotspots. The first batch of pilot New York, including Singapore, San Francisco and San Jose, visitors can pilot city in the United States, connecting more than 1000 public WIFI hotspots, whereas in Singapore, the world’s largest city united network "Wireless@SG" constitute approximately 290 free WIFI hotspots as well. Pilot time will continue from August 22nd this year until the year of September 21st. The pilot program as part of the launch of the global wireless network alliance, the city WIFI roaming program, part of it is a pioneer step forward, designed to create a global vision of the future of the city’s linkage group. Currently, the government of Singapore, New Delhi and Philippines have been on the wireless broadband alliance, the new plan to support and actively participate in the. According to the wireless broadband alliance, the proposed new scheme is based on the next generation of hot spot 2 on the basis of network authentication. The new network hot 2 (also known as Passpoint) in the creation of new accounts and WIFI devices to connect the public network hot spots to do a new simplification of the two major improvements. In the current global life, WIFI has become the rigid demand of people’s daily, and no barriers in the global city in free, to achieve security of network connection, and the future prospect towards the construction of smart city agree without prior without previous consultation. Wireless broadband Alliance (WBA) as a global industrial alliance, its members include South Korea KT, Japan’s NTT DoCoMo and China Telecom (micro-blog), etc.. The alliance has also been supported and recognized by more than 135 operators and technology companies worldwide. Wonderful video recommend entrepreneurship TALK funeral O2O, the world is not difficult to die to promote: mobile phone will be replaced by VR? How will VR change life? Everything about VR is here, focusing on the VR dimension!相关的主题文章: