Gem development needs to address three major issues segotep

Gem development needs to face up to the three major issues of the text of sina financial opinion leaders (WeChat public number kopleader) columnist Pi Haizhou high price earnings ratio, to curb speculation in the market wind. Especially for manipulating stock prices, insider trading and other illegal acts to strictly investigate and deal with. Fraud problem, we must increase the strike force, not only to make the direct delisting of the company, but also to compensate for the loss of investors, must not allow counterfeiters profitable. Cash problems, which need to limit the number of major shareholders holdings. The gem in October 30, 2009 officially opened to today is the expiration of 7 years old. Recalling the gem seven years of history, the development of gem is obvious. Since the first batch of 28 companies listed in October 30, 2016, the gem has a total of 545 listed companies, the rapid development of the gem is obvious to the. And it is precisely because of the GEM listed, the development of the GEM listed companies also clearly reflects the principle of bigger and stronger. If the gem average income scale from 1 billion 104 million yuan in 2009 to 2015 growth of 305 million yuan, the annual compound growth rate of 23.9%; 120 million 750 thousand yuan of GEM companies net profit average from 58 million 220 thousand yuan in 2009 to 2015, an increase of 107.4%. The gem has become a market A stock market in the most vibrant, and has also been favored by the investors. However, the so-called results do not say can not run, the problem can not say no. Looking back on the development of the gem seven years, gem development achievements are obvious to all, but the gem is also facing the need to face the problem. In fact, look at the A-share market, the gem can even be considered the most prominent problem of a market A. At least in these three areas, the gem problem is very prominent. First, the high price earnings ratio. That is, the gem high valuation problem. Compared with foreign mature stock market, A-share market is undoubtedly a high valuation of the market A. But the gem earnings ratio is the highest in the A-share market A. If by the end of October 27th, the average price earnings ratio of Listed Companies in Shenzhen for 42.9 times, while the gem earnings ratio has reached 79.02 times. Such a high price earnings ratio, on the one hand indicates that the gem is full of speculative color; on the other hand also makes the gem investment risk is significantly higher. Therefore, the gem high valuation problem in the entire A-share market is the most prominent A. Two, the gem A stock market is the hardest hit by fraud. Fraud on the market is a big cancer A stock market, it has become a focus of attention of the market in recent years. In recent years several fraud investigation supervision department issued the case, the current investigation of the case include green earth, Edmond branch, sea Nexis, Xintai electric. In this four by the investigation of the typical company, in addition to the green earth, Edmond branch, sea Nexis, Xintai electric three companies are listed on the gem company. This is sufficient to prove that the gem has become the A-share market A false listing相关的主题文章: