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Full grain meal downturn thriving Sina sugar fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! – Huatai futures Chen Wei Xu Sheng announced in September 12th the United States Department of agriculture, the global supply and demand report, the yield data of U.S. soybean is expected to 50.6 bushels of acres, this data is far exceeding market expectations. While the domestic commodity futures market in the three trading days before the Mid Autumn Festival hit "Waterloo", the negative impact of domestic corn starch with high inventory superimposed subsidies, domestic grain and oil meal overall downturn, only sugar thriving. So what are the fundamentals of the recent sugar market changes, the future trend of sugar will go from here? Under the background of sugar production does not change the way cattle since last August after bottoming out, the main raw sugar contract from a minimum of 10.13 cents a pound rose to more than 100% of the increase in. This is mainly due to the decline after years of sugar into production cycle. The price of raw sugar from the historical trend, when the sugar is in periodic production to inventory, raw sugar prices will continue to take the cattle. At the same time, the Brazil and India super El Nino on sugarcane is expected to cut speculation, Real Brazil exchange rate rebound and Chinese additional demand for imports has also attracted some of the speculative funds, boosting the market. Therefore, each period of the investment bank and the sugar organization have raised this year and next year’s sugar supply and demand gap, non-commercial positions remain high, showing the Wall Street investment funds for continued optimistic sugar. When the sugar reached more than 21 cents, the cost of imported sugar quota will reach 6500 tons, in the world chess pattern, which will bring the external support to the domestic sugar price. The cast storage is not terrible reviewing, the current domestic sugar crop pressed to open the new pure sales season. According to the monthly sales data released by the Chinese Sugar Association, August national single month sales of sugar amounted to 1 million 264 thousand and 900 tons, a new high in recent years, industrial stocks also dropped significantly, so large-scale pressed to open in Guangxi in October -11 month ago, need to pay attention to, the market may be short-term supply situation. At the same time, in order to carry out the supply side reform objectives, implementation of each industry to the inventory, the recent Sugar Association also moves constantly. According to market sources, the country is likely to be implemented in mid October to throw storage, throwing reserves of about 500 thousand tons, the reserve price of $6000 tons. While the new crop of throwing storage is expected around 1 million tons in total. About throwing storage news in two weeks ago has spread in the market, while throwing storage rumors sugar futures price was suppressed, the main sugar contract SR1701 dropping to 6142 yuan tons, followed by strong spot and sugar support gradually rise. According to historical experience, in the early stages of market dumping, sugar prices are likely to rise. The root cause lies in the annual output of the overall market in short supply, so even if there is a part of the store, but also can not be far from hydrolysis thirst, supply and demand is still the most important factor. Domestic sugar, imported sugar and national sugar storage game for the future相关的主题文章: