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Frost: keep the stomach is the key to   is the best; the spleen – yam Hainan channel, October 23rd ushered in the "solar term. Frost is the last solar term in autumn, "on seventy-two candidates annals" records: "in September, Qi Su Ning, dew knot cream." It means that the weather is getting colder and the dew condenses into frost. The folk is known as frost tonic stress, saying "a year through frost than fill". Visible, this season tonic health is very important. Chinese medicine stressed that before the tonic must adjust the spleen and stomach, only the spleen and stomach digestion and transportation function is strong enough, tonic good things can really absorb and use for the human body, otherwise, "virtual not be compensated", and even lead to other health problems. Therefore, frost tonic, spleen and stomach is the key. Chinese medicine believes that the spleen is the best Chinese yam, also "fill without Jun, prevent dryness and not greasy Gorgon, with stomach and spleen, kidney gluten, blood hemostasis, cough and phlegm effects of chestnut is the festival tonic jiapin. In addition, barley, red dates, walnuts, lentils, black beans, beef, meat and other warm but not dry food also should eat. Secondly, the deployment of some suitable for spleen and stomach, liver and nourishing Yin tea is also very good. Here are three models for you to choose from. Lemon tea with orange peel and liquorice. 4.5 grams of dried tangerine peel, licorice 2 grams, 3 grams of Citrus grandis, North Adenophora 3 grams, 3 grams of white peony, rose 1.5 grams, 1.5 grams of Black Tea. Grind the black tea and the above Chinese herbs into rough ends, then brew them in hot water for drinking. For the Jianpi Wenzhong shuganhuoxue, be of great advantage. Jasmine scented osmanthus tea. Jasmine, osmanthus 3 grams each, green tea 2 grams. The above 3 kinds of raw materials washed, put into the cup, boiling water brewing. This tea has the effect of invigorating stomach and removing fire, moistening lung and resolving phlegm. Plum tea. Dangshen, hawthorn, polygonatum, lentils, ebony 15 grams. Add 400 ml of water and cook for 20~30 minutes. This tea helps to harmonize the spleen and stomach and regulate the liver qi. (commissioning editor Pan Huiwen and Jiang Chengliu) 霜降:养脾胃是关键 健脾最好是山药–人民网海南频道–人民网 10月23日迎来霜降节气。霜降是秋季的最后一个节气,《月令七十二候集解》记载:“九月中,气肃而凝,露结为霜矣。”表示天气逐渐变冷,露水凝结成霜。 民间素有霜降进补的讲究,俗语称“一年补透透,不如补霜降”。可见,这个时节的进补养生很重要。中医强调进补前一定要调理好脾胃,只有脾胃的消化和运化功能足够强,进补的好东西才能真正为人体吸收和利用,否则“虚不受补”,甚至还会引发其他健康问题。因此,霜降进补,调养脾胃是关键。 中医认为,健脾最好的是山药,还有“补而不峻,防燥不腻”的芡实,具有养胃健脾、补肾强筋、活血止血、止咳化痰功效的栗子,都是此时节的进补佳品。另外,薏米、红枣、核桃仁、扁豆、黑豆、牛肉、兔肉等性温而不燥的食物也宜常食。其次,调配一些适宜的茶饮对于调养脾胃、疏肝养阴也十分有益。这里给大家介绍三款,以供选择。 陈皮甘草茶。陈皮4.5克、生甘草2克、化橘红3克、北沙参3克、白芍3克、玫瑰花1.5克、红茶1.5克。把红茶和以上各味中药材研磨成粗末,然后用热水冲泡即可饮用。对于健脾温中、疏肝活血大有裨益。 茉莉桂花茶。茉莉花、桂花各3克,绿茶2克。将以上3种原料洗净,放入杯中,沸水冲泡。此茶具有健胃祛火、润肺化痰的功效。 乌梅参茶。党参、山楂、玉竹、扁豆、乌梅各15克。加入400毫升水,煎煮20~30分钟即成。此茶有助调和脾胃、疏肝理气。 (责编:潘惠文、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: