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Health Patient .fort with a CPAP mask is non-Napapag discuss when it .es to the success of CPAP therapy. Therefore, CPAP mask configuration must be carried out on patients. Any dis.fort would make the program useful as a form of therapy not possible adverse patient reactions as the cessation of use and anxiety. Therefore, it is important to adjust the CPAP mask. While patients may choose CPAP machine, mask should be chosen according to according to the physical and behavioral. What CPAP mask? CPAP is a tool that is actually mounted on the face while sleeping. It is a device that provides a flow of air from the engine in airways of patients, such as the throat or nasal airway. CPAP also plays a role in retention and prevent air leaks. While CPAP works in almost all patients, adjusting CPAP mask should be done accordingly. What happens during the conference CPAP mask? The most important activity in the right CPAP mask is a measure or take the size of the patient. Some of the detailed steps taken to make sure it fits. Among the most basic dimensions of the measure taken is the length or the distance from the patient’s line of sight to the base of the nose, the length of the diagonal is the distance from the eye line at the end of the nose, the width of the nose should be taken from the widest part of the nose, a nose full of depth and length of the face covering the eye away from the center line of the chin. CPAP mask is removable parts that can be exchanged. It helps a lot to find the most suitable and appropriate for the patient. Unrefreshing sleep mask needs a lot of stabilizers can go for a hat type of hat. This type is also very .fortable to wear. But if the patient is sweating a lot more open headgear is re.mended. Also consider the appropriate CPAP mask is the sex of the patient and the size and shape . Take all of the sample input, the mask with specific measures to treat patients for a half hour. After the endurance test, check for leaks or signs made. Adjust or re-sizing of the mask will be made if necessary. This applies also to the CPAP mask patients were evaluated from claustrophobia. Patients who are anxious during the test time is measured in a nasal pillows. Patients who sleep with their mouths open are encouraged to use a chin strap. Rope will keep your mouth shut and avoid verbal leakage. In some cases it is not appropriate for a particular patient could be made, customized mask, rope necklace. The development of a collar adapted to fit the CPAP mask has involved the use of silicon to capture the contours of the right or the patient’s face, nose and mouth. Silicon is impressed follows masks About the Author: 相关的主题文章: