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Foreign media said China batch made 056 ship   expert: he’s military — prevent inordinate ambitions November 9 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Huang Zijuan) according to Japanese foreign scholars website on November 4th citing "Jane’s Defence Weekly" reported that a new China 056 056A type "River Island" class frigate on October 28th in Guangzhou Whampoa  shipyard plant water. China’s navy is carrying out large-scale modernization operations, the rapid expansion of maritime power. Military expert Du Wenlong said during an interview with CCTV, China nearshore coastal systems are quickly updated, built type 056 frigate to Chinese offshore wall thickening and variable length. Japanese media reported that just a month ago, the Chinese Navy thirty-ninth "River Island" class frigate just launched in Wuhan, Wuchang shipyard. Prior to this, the level of the other two ships launched in Lushun South Liaoning shipyard in September. China’s navy is currently put into use 056 056A type River Island class frigates have 27. The Chinese Navy plans to build a fleet of up to 60 warships. About 056 of type 056A frigate built, Du Wenlong pointed out that the media has used the "dumplings" to describe this type of frigate in service speed, can build a ship within six weeks, it is the speed of China coastal There was no parallel in history., coastal systems are updated quickly. It should be noted that the foreign media only concerned about the launch of a new frigate, did not see the Chinese Navy had serious aging of the ship. My old Navy small ship is still in the implementation of various offshore patrol vessels, the practicability and deterrent capability, combat capability etc. there are serious shortage of air defense anti submarine capability there is a huge loophole. China’s offshore "wall" is low, only through 056 of this kind of light combat forces to allow rapid thickening, long, this is a normal option. Du Wenlong analysis, foreign media speculation over the type 056 frigate has two main reasons: one is the type of ship is currently military dual-purpose. 056 Corvettes not only fitted the Navy, coast guard and law enforcement platform colleagues; two is the frigate with system development mode. The standard type 056 frigate is equipped with guns, including missiles, radar, air defense weapon system and anti submarine weapon system. In the future, the ship 056 ship will have different functions in anti-ship, ground attack, air defense and other aspects of their duties, will be able to effectively curb the individual countries China offshore "inordinate ambitions". (commissioning editor Wang Zhengqi and Yan Jiaqi)相关的主题文章: