Finding A New Boat Dealer For Your

Sports-and-Recreation If you’re in the market for a new boat, you may be concerned about finding the right new boat dealer. If you live near the water, there are probably dozens of boat dealers around, but you may still be unsure as to which one is best for you. Here are some things to consider when choosing your new boat dealer. Finding the Perfect Boat Dealer It’s important that you purchase your boat from a reputable dealer. Since your boat dealer will be someone you rely on to explain the details of the boat you’re purchasing and is also likely to be someone you visit again and again for service, it’s important that they be someone you can trust. A boat is a big investment, so you want to be sure that you purchase it from the right boat dealer. Here are some questions you should ask of any potential boat dealer before you buy. How long have you been in business? Many boat businesses fail, and it’s important that you minimize your risk of buying a boat from a boat dealer that will be out of business in a year. Buying from a dealer who has been in business for several years helps ensure that he’ll still be there when you need him for service or repairs. The kind of boat you want Not all boat dealers carry all types of boats. For example, if you want a simple jon boat, you likely won’t purchase it from the same new boat dealer where you’d purchase a bass boat. Know the type of boat you’re planning to purchase and then narrow down your dealers from there. The brand of boat- Knowing the brand you plan to purchase, or at least narrowing your choice down to two or three brands will make shopping simpler. If you’ve narrowed your choice down to two boat brands and you can find one dealer that carries both brands, so much the better. You can likely get a solid opinion from a dealer who has sold both brands and can tell you the feedback he’s received from customers on each. What are your business hours? If your boat dealer will also service and repair your boat, it’s important that you know when his service department is open for business. Saturday may be the day of the week that’s most convenient for you to take your boat in for service, so you need to be sure that your boat dealer keeps hours that work for you. How does your service department work? If your boat is under warranty, will you have to pay a deductible for repairs? Is there regular engine service required? What are the charges for basic engine servicing? Are there any repairs that the dealer can’t perform? The Most Reputable New Boat Dealers in Your Area Ask around if you have friends with boats, to determine the new boat dealers in your area that have a reputation for good prices and service. If your area has websites where local consumers can post reviews of .panies they’ve done business with, take a look at your prospective new boat dealer’s reviews here. You can also call the Better Business Bureau in your area to see if you prospective dealer has had any customer .plaints registered. Prices Prices for new boats can vary widely. Once you’ve identified the exact brand and model you plan to purchase, pay a visit to each new boat dealer that carries your brand and model and .pare prices. You might be surprised at how much money you can save by simply .paring dealers. Look for sales, as well. In many parts of the country, boat prices are marked down considerably in the fall, once the boating season is over for the year. Purchasing your boat at the end of the season, rather than at the beginning can save you a lot of cash. Is the dealer authorized or certified for the boat you’re purchasing? Many boat manufacturers will train and certify mechanics and businesses for performing maintenance and repairs. You want to be certain that your dealer is certified or authorized by the manufacturer of your boat; otherwise your repairs may not be guaranteed under the boat’s warranty. If you ask these questions, as well as asking the pertinent questions regarding the particular boat you’re considering, you should be well equipped to make an informed and safe purchasing decision. Take your time when shopping for your new boat. A boat is a big investment and you want to ensure that the boat you choose will last you for many years, and that the new boat dealer you choose will be someone you can count on whenever a need arises with your boat. It’s also a good idea to get references from friends if you can. If you have friends who are boat owners, find out the name of the boat dealer they purchased from and find out how happy they were with the buying experience. In addition, inquire as to any dealings they’ve had with the dealer since their purchase, such as for service and repairs. Ask them if they would consider buying from the same dealer again. Finding out the experiences of a dealer’s other customers can be very valuable. Buying a boat is a major investment. You want to get the best price and ensure that you’ll have great service after the sale. It really pays to shop around for the best boat, and the best boat dealer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: